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  1. Hello, my name is Arnie.  I live in Colville, which is roughly 75 miles north of Spokane. I've had a love of cooking and food since I was young. I have used a smoker box in my grills for many years but only recently bought an dedicated smoker.  I came across this forum about the same time I got my new box and have been amazed at the wealth of information available here. So far, I've done a couple racks of ribs, a few chickens and of course loads of jerky.  The ribs and chicken turned out SO much better than anything I've ever done on my grill.  

    Now that I've done some of the easier things I'm excited and ready, with guidance from everyone here, to try other things. Today I will be starting my first attempt at Bacon.  I'm not yet confident enough in my smoking skills, or my meat supply, for cold smoke so will be using a dry cure and hot smoke.  I am always bad about taking pictures while I work but will try to post updates on that project as I go and would love to hear any tips or advice.

    I look forward to meeting all of you and being a part of this community.
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  2. Welcome, Washington is a Beautiful State. Was in Seattle last June/July and took a few road trips around the state. It's one of the cleanest states, just don't see much litter. People are friendly. Overall was very impressed.

    What type of smoker did you get, that can help with advice suggestions etc. I'm an ECB fan but may move up to the WSM 18.5 this Christmas.

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  3. Glad you joined the group. The search bar at the top of any page is your best friend.
    About anything you wanna know about smoking/grilling/curing/brining/cutting or slicing
    and the list goes on has probably been posted. Remember to post a QVIEW of your smokes.
    We are all smoke junkies here and we have to get our fix. If you have questions
    Post it and you will probably get 10 replies with 11 different answers. That is
    because their are so many different ways to make great Q...
    Happy smoken.
  4. I got a Cajun Injector Electric Smoker.  So far, it has done very well.  Temperature and smoke control are great and it is big enough for pretty much anything I could want to smoke
  5. [​IMG]   Good morning and welcome to the forum, from a cloudy and Cold  day in East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of                    information on just about  everything 

  6. Thanks Gary.
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