Hello from North Dakota

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Mar 27, 2007
Mandan North Dakota
Just wanted to say hi. I am new to smoking. Just getting into it, mainly plan on smoking jerky but I might try some other things to smoke. I have been reading the threads on here for a few days and I really have learned alot. I just got a Little Cheif electric smoker. I am in the process for making a temp control for it and I have plans for insulating it. I already turned the racks that came with it into jerky screens. The best part is it only cost $4 bucks to make the screen racks. Thanks for all the info and I hope to share some in the future. I am Mike from central North Dakota.
Welcome to SMF Kookie. Glad to have you here. Have you signed up for Jeff's 5-day ecourse yet? Lots of good info there. You won't be able to stop at just jerky. When you're ready to move on to smoking other meats we're here to help you out. Looking forward to your posts.

Keep Smokin
Welcome ...
Welcome Kookie! Get ready to smoke more than just jerky, smoke'n meat is very addictive!

Mandan, that is where my father in law grew up. His Mom and some of his brothers & sisters still live there. They live just west of town. Nice people up there.
welcome welcome

as stated b4, its very addictive... i started out with a little chief - smoking venison jerky and fish...

now a couple of smokers later, and alot more meat later, i am still learning
Welcome aboard! You won't stop at jerky, trust me. You'll see a recipe and you'll say hmmm, that sounds easy enough, next thing you know you'll be cramming a rack o'ribs in that little chief waiting for dinner!

BTW, I can't believe that nobody made a comment on his avatar!!
I had to a double take on that one!
Welcome Kookie -

You think your only gonna make jerky after all the pictures on this site? You a stronger guy than I am!

Oh wait ... I'm not a guy!
Kookie, welcome Nodaker, born in minot.. i think by now i may only be a daker been away a long time.. this is a great place enjoy...
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