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Mar 15, 2006
Hi. My name is Pete. I'm from rural Montana where there's lots of deer, elk, fish, and beef to be smoked. Just signed up for the forum today. I'm very very new to this hobby. I'm interested in learning how to use a charcoal smoker. I've been borrowing a friends Brinkmann but am having a heck of a time regulating the temperature as it has no adjustable vents and doesn't have a real temperature gauge. So, I'm off to do some investigating on one which will meet these needs and not be too expensive. Your suggestions would be most helpful but I'll be sure to peruse other areas of the forum.
Welcome Pete, so you have yourself a borrowed ECB (El Cheapo Brinkmann)~That's what I started on and still use on occasion. Check out the Charcoal thread in Smoking Equipment and Supplies. There is a number of modifications that can be made to the ECB to produce some great smoked foods.
Welcome to the forum Pete, man all that wild game sounds good. I would love to come out your way and hunt some elk. The forum members have a great deal of knowledge. Looking forward to hearing from you in the forum.
Welcome Pete-
There is tons of knowlage here in the forum so what ever you decide to buy the folks here will steer you in the right direction wheather it be on modifications, temp regulating, etc. Hope you enjoy it here and we look forward to hearing about your adventures in smoking.
Hello Pete, I am also new here. I solved the no temp gauge problem with a Chef's pocket probe that goes up to 550 degrees. It will fit nicely in a 1/8 " hole. I wrapped a paper clip around the shaft in a spirol to lift it a bit higher from the heat. Has worked fine for years.
P.S. DO NOT buy the digital style.
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