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    My name is Mark and I'm a Steamfitter from Milwaukee, WI.  I'm 31 with a wife and two dogs.  My parents were kind enough to buy me a Masterbuilt 30" smoker for my birthday a couple months ago.  I've made pulled pork and ribs so far and I'm hooked.  I figured I would sign up since I've gotten some tips through here the past couple of months.  I just picked up a 7lb flat from a butcher and I'm excited to try out  my first brisket.  A little nervous at the same time since the one I got wasn't necessarily cheap lol.
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    I'm going to post my smoke but I figured I would post my plan of attack.  

    240 temp

    wrap in butcher paper at 160

    rub is going to be pepper, salt, onion and garlic powder

    going to pull it at 200 and rest it in a cooler for an hour and a half
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    Hi Mark!


    to SMF!

    Glad to have you aboard!

    Your plan sounds good, but a 1/2 hour rest on the counter is all you need before slicing.

    Start checking for doneness at 190-195, a toothpick should go in multiple places without any resistance, like room temp butter.

    Some are done at 190, some take 205, each piece of meat is different.

    If it's done early then the cooler or a 170 degree oven will keep it hot until you want to slice it.

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    Ok thanks!

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