Hello from Manchester, England.

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Dec 27, 2014

I joined this forum years ago, but not been active on it for a long time.

I'm hoping I'm posting in the correct place - just wondered if anyone can offer advice on cold smoking sausages? I'm wondering whether I have to brine or cure or whether they can be smoked without any prep.


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Welcome Matt!

Sorry I can't help you but I bet that others that are good at doing sausages will chime in, like indaswamp indaswamp

I guess you already figured out that this is THE place to go for many things to do with smokin' so I will not bore you with how great the site and people are here.

BTW - I lived in Manchester for 11 years during the 90's (Prestwich for a few years than the rest of the time in the outskirts of Bolton).
Welcome from Iowa! You could cold smoke them if you keep your temps under 40 degrees but I personally wouldn't want to myself for food safety reasons. Why do you not want to use cure? Availability?

Thanks for the reply. I'm actually from Prestwich myself and living down the road in Whitefield.
Hi. Thanks for the reply.

I'm happy to cure them, but not sure how and can't find a recipe. Any further advice would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks, I'll check the recipes. I've just got English style pork sausages.
Yep, figure out what type you want to make and then you can ask more questions from there. Not sure if you've seen it but there is a sausage section here.

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