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  1. Hi Everyone, My name is Dennis and I live in Long Beach, CA.  I currently own a CharBroil Big Easy Smoker/Roaster/Grill and have been on the hunt for an electric smoker but just haven't pulled the trigger yet.  

    I've come across a Cookshack SM009 for sale that the owner says he bought in 2003 and has only used about 10 times.  My question is, does anyone know what the lifespan of these usually are and/or what other issues/items I need to take into consideration?  

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. I think that is a stainless steel electric smoker, looks like from the pictures. Cookshack has a website you could call or email them and see what they thought. I'm thinking if it has only been used 10 time it's not even broke in yet. See if they will let you do a test run or guarantee it at least to work. If you can get it at a cheap enough price, even if you had to replace the element you would probably be ahead.

    Gary S

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