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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by ilinismoker, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. OK I live in Illinois. I don't own a smoker yet but I have been looking at a Cajun Injector XL electric smoker. Is there any modifications for it? Any pro's or con's? Maybe i could get some info on what other use. Thanks ilinismoker
  2. Welcome to SMF

    Spend time and thought on what you want and enjoy your research here while choosing.
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    Welcome to the forum. I have a pellet smoker so I can't help you with the Cajun but keep looking. Lots of good info here
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    Welcome to SMF!

    Most guys here with electric smokers have Masterbuilts.

    Use the search (magnifying glass at top right) & type in Cajun Injector XL and see what comes up.

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    [​IMG]   Glad to have you on board there are a lot of great guys and gals on here to help you. I can't help much as I have a gasser. Read on Home page the article Initial Greeting to help you get around this great sight.
  6. OK here it is I got a MES 40 after reading reviews on the CI I decided on the MES. It looks like it is better built and on assembly it's put together well. The great thing is that my daughter helped on the assembly.

    There's the box.

    And that's the smoker want to season it but the air temp is 4*. So it's Going to warm up next week so it's on

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