Hello from Arlington, Texas

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Original poster
Oct 16, 2016
Arlington, TX
Hey y'all. I live in Arlington, Texas. Gotta confess I am actually Canadian by birth, but Texan by the grace of God. Grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and married my Texas beauty 4 years ago and moved on down. Still miss Canada, but love the people and the BBQ enough here to consider it home. I didn't have a clue about real BBQ, much less Texas BBQ before I moved here. To me, BBQ was a beef patty or any other meat on a gas grill. Truly, I once was lost, but now am found! Now, BBQ consists of a wood fire in a home-made pit with a piece of quivering beef oozing with well rendered fat and clothed with a peppery bark. Aaron Franklin is my source of BBQ inspiration and every trip to Austin is a pilgrimage. Can't wait to start collaborating on here!
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