Hello from another in the Pac NW

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Jan 4, 2011
Stumbled upon this site...needing some basic instructions...and eventually some advice.

Got a Smoke Hollow 30160G gas smoker for Christmas....have only used the "Little Chief" style electric smoker in the past for Jerky..and am pleased with the temperature control available on the gas smoker.

Started with a smoked chicken this weekend and it turned out great....but I'm sure I can do better.

It's been pretty cold here this past week (single digits at night) so my late afternoon chicken took longer than i expected...so after 3-1/2 hours @ 250 to 300 degrees...i finished it up in the convection oven in a roasting pan.  still was good.

I haven't really searched the site yet ..so i'll do that before posing any questions.
WELCOME!!  There's getting to be a heck of a lot of us NW-ers here!  Glad your chicken was a success - Have fun looking and learning here, this is an amazing and supportive group of folks.  Start getting in the habit of keeping a camera nearby, and be prepared to face your first fatty!  Cheers!    single digits - you an east sider?
Yeah, Chukar's got to be on the dry side of the Cascades, and you know Chukar's make mighty fine eatin' too.  Welcome aboard Chukar.  You'll find this neighborhood to be very informative and heck, you might just enjoy it too.   You really should go over to ROLL CALL and do a proper introduction post so more of these members can say Howdy and you can learn about all the newcomer benefits, like the FREE 5-day basic e-course on Smoking.  Just as a start, you say you've got  a Propane smoker?  Well, without getting into specifics we generally refer to Propane smokers as GOSM as a generic term.  Kinda an umbrella acronym.

    single digits - you an east sider?
Hello, and welcome to the SMF. You can try setting your smoker around 350° or more, poultry doesn't need the low & slow like others meats It's all good my friend.. 
Welcome to the forum!

I'll take the cold temps over those times it will rain sideways for a week or so straight.... lol. I do like the Pac. NW, but there are times where I just wish we could have a nice normal snowy winter... lol.
Welcome to the SMF. Glad to have you here. Lots of good folks, great recipes and knowledge. Looking forward to your first qview.

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