Hello again from N. Virginia!

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Jun 18, 2015
Springfield, VA
Hello again! I am so thankful for this forum and just wanted to say hi, i'm back!

Life got a little crazy so I took a little hiatus from smoking.

A couple months ago I discovered Picanha at my fav store, Costco which led me to clean up my 18.5" WSM thats been at rest for a few years. Grill cleaner down to bare metal, new grates, the burn off, and did my first cook. It was wonderful, I got clean smoke, the held temps perfectly, and with a digital thermometer I took this miracle cut of beef up to 122 and let it sit on the counter where it took itself to 134 degrees perfect medium rare. All i got to say is, i'm back, why did i ever stop? I have done about 7-8 cooks since and smoker is starting to get a nice season on it again. I just want to say this place is the best and thank you for teaching me everything i know about smoking and thank you for all the delicious food!

I have also discovered smoker minimalism, I just salt / pepper everything and olive oil and get great results.. SPO is nothing new here but i recently started to embrace it and its so good!! On the WSM, i just do the dry foiled pan, set my intakes and forget it. I get close to the temps i want and the temps lock in forever.

I'm still in the Virginia / DC area, a little older now at 38, and progressed a little more in my career in software engineering. I WFH permanently so I can sneak off and tend to the smoker. I will share some cooks and try to give back what SMF has given to me and I am sure there is much more for me to learn too.

Thanks for having me!

p.s, my favorite wood is Pecan and salt is flavor.
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lol, yep the food is awesome!!, but too many people attending makes it hard to move around and see what you want to see.
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