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Discussion in 'Tomatoes' started by danbono, May 16, 2012.

  1. danbono

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    Hi All

    Last year was the 1st time I planted Heirloom Tomatoes, my wife picked them out.They were some of the best tasting tomatoes, I ever had.Plants were huge so  were the leaves..Went to the garden center today, to pick out my tomatoes plants for this year, and to my surprise I didn't see any Hierloom plants, bummed me out, big TIME!!!.[​IMG]

    Now I will have to search the other garden centers, to see If I can spot any Heirloom plants.I wish I new the name of tomatoe plant. I'm thinking Brandywine...Wish I could start from seed, but is way too many seeds for my 12 x 12 garden

    I did pick up some Supersonics/Beefmasters/Roma's/Cherry 100's

    Thanks Dan
  2. michael ark

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    If you find them again . Scoop out seed goo with spoon then put in water over night. The next morning scoop off top of jar repeat till seeds are free. Once free dry on paper towel. Then you will always have them. They will develope traits that will help their growth in your yard,yes plants have a memory sort of.
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  3. You should certainly be able to find Brandywine plants somewhere, it's probably the most popular heirloom in most areas.
    If you can't find it somewhere, I'd be happy to send you some Brandywine seeds for next year....I have the Sudduth strain which is arguably the best as well as a few other Brandywines.

  4. danbono

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    Hi Martian I will look around at the other garden centers, and see if I could find the Brandywines. Some place should  have them???

    IF not I might have too take your seed offer for next year..The Heirloom tomatoes, that I had last year were BIG plants with LARGE leaves, and great tasting tomatoes.

    Thanks Danb
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  5. I always save my San Marzano seeds. I'm on 5th generation now.
  6. Yes Do what Michael says .. its quite easy and you will always have seeds .. Only thing I do different is dry them on a Styrofoam plate .. they don't stick

    I only grow heirlooms .. I have a pile of seeds .. Brandywine , Mortgage lifter , Golden Queen , Lemon Boy , Big Rainbow , Amish Paste , the list goes on ..

    I would be happy to share as well .. I don't have San Marzano if anyone wants to make a trade tho ..Please message me ..
  7. pineywoods

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    Put the seeds in a fridge and they will stay good for years. One of the researchers at the University of Florida Research center here has had tomato seeds in the fridge for over 10 years and they still germinate very well
  8. quite honestly you don't need to fridge tomato's or pepper seeds .. they will last that long all on their own .. I have some that are that old from my garden forum .. they have a great germination rate .

    The biggest Key to them is to keep them dry .. after I dry my seeds I put a few in a zip bag .. if there is no condensation I will put the rest in there .. label and they go into my filing cabinet till I decide to plant them
  9. smokeamotive

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    Around here if you don't get to the garden centers as soon as they put out the bedding plants, the hierloom tomatoes are soon gone. I picked mine up in the second week of April. I went back a week later to get peppers and they were out of All heirloom tomatoes.
  10. I got Brandywine tomato plants from Burpee last year and they were very good. I was so thrilled with them I got three plants this year. Every plant I bought direct from Burpee was healthy and productive.

    I found Oxheart plants at a local farm store/grower two weeks ago. It's a little too early to put them in the ground yet here in the mountains but they'll be going in on the 25th. I've never grown Oxhearts but I've heard good things about them.

    I don't have a good spot anywhere around here to start my own plants from seed and I don't have a greenhouse.
  11. danbono

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    Hi All

    Went to one my local garden centers, looking for Brandywine tomatoes. Came home with a 4 pack of Heirlooms,the sticker in the pack just said Heirlooms, 6-32 oz fruit,32/60 maturity no one there knew what variety they were..I was told by one employee they are good slicing tomatoes, not a lot of help there.. So I now have a total of 16 tomato plants.

    They did have the Brandywines at $3.99 for each plant. I didn't want to spend $16.00 for four plants..I'll just have to wait and see the what the Heirlooms turn out to be.

    Next year I'll start looking sooner for the Brandywines. I didn't know there were different varieties of the Brandywines.


    PS Will post a pic of my garden once the plants are in..
  12. Most Brandywines have a potato looking leaf rather than a leaf that looks like most tomatoes.
    But, other heirlooms have a potato leaf, as well.

    Here's you can see the difference......


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  13. danbono

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    Hi Martain: The Heirlooms I had last year had large  potato leaves and grew really tall. That is why I'm thinking they were the Brandwines.

    Thanks Dan
  14. danbono

    danbono Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    My Tomato Garden all 18 plants in ..now the wait.

  15. Looks great DanBono ... I got about the same .. I have blooms on a few .. Cherokee purple and Mr stripy

    Are you looking for seeds or strictly plants ? I am growing some if you want me to save you some seeds...
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  16. B for sure is the date of bloom set or fruit start to the time the fruit is ripe .. 32/60 Did the labels tell you anything else such as what type of heirlooms they were ? Nope re read did it say if they were

    Determinate and Indeterminate ?
  17. danbono

    danbono Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Hi On the Heirlooms the only info was, fruit size 6 oz-32 oz, matures in 52-100 days. I'm thinking maybe a combination of 4 different plants. What I really was looking for were the Brandywines.

    had them last year, and they were awesome...


    PS I was looking for plants in my area garden centers. Too late to start seeds..Thx anyway
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  18. sam3

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    Looks good Dan. I'm waaay behind. Getting tomato's in this weekend is my No.1 job for the weekend.
  19. danbono

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    Hi Sam The plants will catch up to rest of us in NJ, once it warms up and stays that way..Have NO fear Tomatoes will appear.[​IMG]


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