Hate skim milk but trying to cut down on fat?

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Apr 22, 2011
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Well here's a little trick that might interest you. Add nonfat dry milk powder to skim milk and you will swear you're drinking the full fat stuff. The amount depends on how rich you want your milk, but start with a cup to a half gallon and adjust according to your taste. My wife started buying this stuff called "Over the moon" milk, which claims to be skim that tastes like full fat. It actually does live up to it's claims, but it's really pricey. We were wondering how the heck they did it, when I noticed the nutrition label. The protein levels were much higher than regular skim, but the fat was the same. Then it hit me. Nonfat milk powder is almost all protein. I tried it and it tastes just like the expensive stuff. I also tried just mixing double the recommended amount of NFDM with water, but it wasn't the same. Adding to skim milk masks that NFDM taste.
I used to hate skim milk and would never drink it. One day I did and didn't go back. I can't really drink any other type of milk now.
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