Has anyone heard of jims rib haven in omaha nebraska, or rock island IL Does anyone know what style

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    I lived in Omaha a few years ago and I loved Jims Rib Haven BBQ Resturaunt. However i now live in AZ and I no longer have access to their sauce, Id like to make some sauce like theirs but I have no Idea what style of sauce they serve. I know its orange with coarse black pepper in it and its medium spicy and somwhat tangy, I LOVE IT .... SO If anyone knows a recipty thats like it or what style it is, maybee I could look for a recipty online that looks like theirs.
    ANY HELP IS SOO APPRETIATED, Soon I will be buildong a medium size reverse flow smoker and Il post pics as I go, its gonna be sweet!!!
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    Now that you're out here, try to get hold of some QN4U Clovis style BBQ sauce from Brent and Kim Walton over in California. They come out here for many of our comps and support the local BBQ club in AZ. And their sauce placed 3rd in the American Royal (?) this year. It fits the description you gave! It is some delicious sauce, for sure!

    Are you in the Phoenix Metro? Frequent get togethers around town, although there seems to be an East side bias...(Heh heh...sounds like sports talk!)
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    Im originaly from Mesa, which is where I currently reside. Whats a good way to get ahold of those people your refuring to with the bbq sauce?
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