Has anybody heard of HQ Fabrication Smokers?

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  1. I am in Bakersfield, CA and I'm hoping to find a good smoker for sale (Lang, Jambo, etc). I came across this local place called HQ fabrication that custom makes smokers and I wanted to see if anyone has heard anything about these smokers. Here's the link to their site:

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    I'm in Iowa and have not heard of them. I do know a thing or two about welding though, and the smokers shown are done well. the drain could be messy to clean but I like it. the expanded metal all looks good and the damper on the stack is done well. I'm not sure of the pricing, but what's not to like?[​IMG]
  3. Thanks for the reply. I haven't been over to see it in person yet, but it looks like the fundamental design was based on the Lang. I can get a Lang 36 shipped to me for $1800, probably $2500 for the Lang 48. Considering this one is $2000 plus tax I'm thinking it might be a little pricey unless it really cooks well.

    Ideally I can find someone in California who knows what real BBQ is about and has a nice pit they want to sell :)
  4. I bought a smoker from HQ Fabrication.  Unfortunately, they have closed their business.  I tried to contact the owner last month when I cooked a pig on the smoker that they built for me.  If you bring up their website, it says permanently closed.  
  5. That's a bummer. How's the smoker?
  6. The smoker works fine.  When I bring it up to temp, it goes to 250 degrees and stays there for a long time.  This smoker uses less wood then my old smoker used.
  7. I bought mine from Bakersfield BBQ Pits as well. Works great and maintains the heat very well. Too bad he's not making them anymore. Glad I got mine before he stopped. You might want to check in Visalia. Sorry I can't remember the name. I Googled BBQ Smokers and got a few hits. Also Kats Smokers look well made. I didn't buy one from him because he didn't return my call and left when I went to his place to look at them. Then I found Bakersfield BBQ Pits and the rest is history. Good luck.
  8. Thanks for the replies. If you guys know anyone in town who is selling a good pit, please send them my way.

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