Hanging Out With Another Forum Member

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Nov 22, 2006
Haltom City Tx
Had the pleasure today to meet and spend some time with one of our SMF
members today. I was doing a benefit today for a friend and Buddy was able to come by and drink a few beers and spend some time. Was a pleasure to meet someone local who has the smoking blood like us. I really had a good time and look forward to many more times like this.
That's great Marvin. Sounds like you guys had a great time
Nothing makes my day any more than meeting someone in person only to discover that he/she is even greater than the forum relationship.
THAT IDIOT!!! I told him to stay clear of you! Didn't anyone tell you not to speak to anyone Marvin?

All jokes aside, sounds like what everyone here wants........to meet another member and talk smoke over some beers.

Glad to here you had a good time, some day WE WILL meet up........and I'm gonna Traeger your A__!

Well I have meet 2 forum members, had a great time cutting wood with Chris Harper even if we did work our tails off Lol. Enjoyed the time spent with Buddy this weekend and hope to do some smoking with him soon. I wish I were a millonaire and had the money and time to travel around and meet everyone on the site. Theres a lot of great people here and it's a darn shame we all live so far apart. Thanks to Tulsa Jeff I have many new friends and love the fellowship this forum has provided.
Man the rest of my weekend was busy and I'm just now getting back on the computer. I had a good time Saturday. I got to meat Marvin and his wife , and that was some excellent food! Smoked brisket , chicken , and bologna.
Man that guy can cook.Its cool to know someone close by with the same interests. I'm looking forward to hanging out again.
That is what I have been saying for some time now. Everyone should meet at least a minimum of one person in their area and just hang out for a spell.... even if it isn't to cook. I guess that is one thing I love about going to a competition, you get to meet a lot of great people that have a lot in common.

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