Hammy Hot Wings for the National Championship Games!

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After visiting with the Brine Cure Guru, Senor~Pops I decided to embark upon a quest. Looking for a good hot cured Buffalo (or Coonass) Wing.

Objective: Cured smoked hot wings

First procure wings, this made me cry, I mean I am not cheap but ...... .99/lb. for thighs or 2.59/lb. for wings. It ain't brain surgery. I cowboy'd up and got some wings.

Decided upon a brine cure (Which I will share below).

Brined the Wings for 24 hours. Rinsed, towel dry, in the reefer to further dry.

Brought the smoker up to 275 using Mesquite (light on the chips as to not over power the wings). 30 mins later when the box was hot I added the wings, realized I needed some more chips so re-loaded. Box temp dropped from 324 according to the MES30, which I believe, to 200 just loading the wings in. Its just brisk here.

Left 'em in the smoker for 105 mins. Brought 'em in, rolled 'em around in my magic hot sauce. Stuck 'em under the broiler till the first evidence of caramelization. Pull 'em out the oven and re-roll 'em  in that magic sauce again. They are now happy happy and bursting with flavor!

Happy Hot Wing Brine/Cure

1 1/2 T #1 pink cure

1/4C Canning Salt

1/2C Brown Sugar

1T Tabasco

2T Tiger Sauce

1T Cajun Power

1T Franks

Brined/rinsed/dried  (That is 5.00 of chicken and its going up, ZOMG!)

Smoked and happy thinking about their upcoming swim in the happy happy hot sauce.

That's Celery and carrots in ranch dressing and a side of Green Pea & Macaroni salad. We had ice cream for desert, to make tomorrow a better day! The salad was great, after every bite the next wing exploded in my mouth! (BAMM!)

These wings were really great, I didn't achieve the internal flavor profile I was looking for but the wings were totally awesome. Magic hot wing sauce was excellent, the hamminess of the cured wing just went great with the hot wings.

I was sorry I couldn't brine in all those special hot sauce flavors But I know now that the hammy cured taste with the magic wing sauce is good enough for me.

I will do this again, soon!

Thank you for your patronage! Thank you Pops.

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