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  1. Thinking about smoking a spiral cut ham this weekend, would like to know if anyone has a good rub to use and any other suggestions.
    By the way I'm a new member but have been reading this forum for the last couple years. Thanks
  2. dave from mesa

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    If you sign up to the free newsletter Jeff has sent out the newest one about "Some Quick Info on Smoked Ham for Easter".
    Sounded good enough to try.
    Good luck and remember pics.
  3. mythmaster

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    I wouldn't rub it with anything, but I'd score and glaze it to finish it off. There are plenty of glaze recipes floating around -- I'm about to look for one myself for the Easter ham.

    You definitely want to use Hickory, though. Not much is better than a Hickory-smoked ham!
  4. I agree w/ Dave... Jeff's recipe looks mighty fine... Sign up for the Free News Letter...
  5. pineywoods

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  6. fire it up

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  7. ak1

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    I saw that. Went out & bought a spiral sliced ham the next day[​IMG]

    I'll be smoking it soon.
  8. Just signed up for the news letter but I think I'm too late to get the one for this month, could someone post it here?
  9. ak1

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    It's on the home page. Green link on the right side of the page.
  10. Thanks guys, between the video and news letter I think I got it. Will give it a try this weekend.
  11. mythmaster

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    Well, I stand corrected about whether or not to use a rub on a pre-cooked spiral. Should I use a rub on an uncooked ham, though? Will it seep in through the skin? Should I start another thread? Am I asking too many questions?
  12. mballi3011

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    Can you see the common thread here....... I'll help you out with that it's:


    His rub and sauce is really that good so go buy it and use it and then you too can gat on this band wagon. An yes it's that good. It will also help this place stay here.

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