Habanero ABT's...I must be insane!

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We grew Hab's for several years in our front yard and always got tons of peppers from each plant. One year we planted some in the back yard and barely got any, same amount of sunlight. I figure the difference was the cats used the area in the front yard where we grew the habs for their litter box. Kittypoop=good fertilizer! Back when I used to race cars one of my racing buddies Dad claimed he loved hot stuff and could eat ANY pepper. So the following weekend I picked some green habs off one of our flourishing plants and took it to the races for him to eat. The ol guy didn't hesitate and quickly chomped the entire pepper down seeds and all! After a few minutes of laughing I actually started to worry, he turned about six shades of red and had to sit down as beads of sweat started rolling off his face. I honestly thought the guy was gonna croak right then and there but he manged to pull through. I brought more the following week and got a good cursing when I offered him another!!
I will preface this story by mentioning that I grew up in New Mexico - I like hot food... lol.

We have a local restraunt that makes these habanero cheese fritters. Imagine something roughly the size of a golfball, composed of breadcrumbs, chesse, seasoning, and about 1 chopped up habanero (per fritter!). If you eat an order of 5 of them - WITH the habanero dipping sauce! - they take your picture and put it on their wall of flame (or wall of supidity as I call it).

I ate 3 one night, and I will say for the first 30-60 seconds before your tastebuds are obliterated, they are one of the best tasting things I have ever eaten! Of course after that you really cant feel your lips, let alone taste anything, other than heat that is.

After dinner on the way home I stoped at the store bought a bottle of Malox (which did aboslutely nothing!). One unfortunate side effect after I had drank all of the liquids on the table, was that I had to get up in the middle of the night to relieve my bladder. Like I said - I like hot stuff - but I had never eaten anything sooo hot that it litteraly hurt to pee!

Leason learned! I still love to eat at that restraunt, but I will only eat 1 fritter.
I grow habaneros in my garden here in NM. They are not to be messed with. When I read here that people were going to make ABTs out of them, I was stunned. Now you have read a first-hand recollection of what it is like. I use small amounts of habaneros in salsas, etc. I wouldn't think of popping a whole one in my mouth! Glad you recovered...
We had some at the last N Fla Gathering back in April.. I had 2 if i remember correctly... I thought they rawked !!!
Bad Move Brian... LOL

I wouldn't try stuffing anything hotter than a Hot Hungarian Wax or maybe a NuMex if it were me and I love hot peppers.

For all you non Chilieheads out there here is a link to the Scoville Heat Scale showing many peppers.

The Scotch Bonnet 150,000 ~ 325,000 is not as hot as the CarribbeanRed 120,000 ~ 400,000 or Chocolate Habanero 325,000 ~ 475,000 or Red Savina 350,000 ~ 575,000 which was the hottest pepper until the Naga Jolokia was discovered in India.

The Scotch Bonnet Orange Habanero 150,000 ~ 325,000 is The SAME HEAT as the Orange Habanero Orange Habanero 150,000 ~ 325,000.

Remember Climate, Soil and Weather all affect the heat of peppers so the same seed can vary depending on those conditions.

Here is a link about the Naga Jolokia,
Since moving to mid-Tn. locating several of my favorite peppers has been next to nil in my local area. When Habaneros are available they sell them
like green peppers, individually, .35-.50 cents each. Double ouch !!

I planted some this spring and they are doing well and almost ready to
pick. I make a Habanero/Pineapple cooking sauce that I add to bbq sauces, use it to glaze pork loin and chicken, dips, and to put on homemade cornbread. Ummmmmmm. I would miss it terribly if I did not have the ingredients to make that .
So to me, its just notbbq without my habanero fix.

It appears I might have some surplus if anyone else who has difficulty getting these might be up for some kind of exchange.

I am going to be making a wet jerk rub for some chicken on Friday, so I am having the wife pick up some habaneros for that rub.

I am going to reserve one of the peppers for a habanero ABT that I will do up with some regular jalapeno's. Figure a test run is in order before I do a whole batch. I will do these on Saturday with the overnight jerk rubbed chicken, and report back with pics.
Hab buffalo turds aren't bad if you make sure to get all the seeds and ribs.
I'm waiting for my Bhut Jolakia peppers to ripen, then I'll try one of those... :)
For Scotch Bonnet peppers, try:

Dat Moi Market

14425 Crenshaw Blvd

Gardena, CA 90249

(310) 973-5181

open 8am to 6pm daily

call first to see if in stock
I grow habs and love cooking with them.  Of course I eat Dave's Insanity Sauce on crackers too.  I won't eat one fresh - cuz well I have no purpose in seeing how hot it is. Call me a wimp.  I do eat a dipping sauce on a pizza called the incinerator in Tulsa at Joe Momma's that is ghost pepper based.  I love the sauce - I eat it on their chicken strips too.  The pizza has habs, ghost, and jalapeno's with the ghost pepper sauce on it - and is not for the faint of heart.
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