Habanero ABT's...I must be insane!

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Jul 3, 2005
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Okay...So call me crazy....

In earlier posts, you have all heard me refer to my garden, and especially to my variety of peppers. This year, just for giggles, I planted two habanero plants for the first time to see how they would do. I figured I'd use them for salsa, pickling, or in homemade bbq sauce. No problem, right?

Well, here's what I did. First of all the plants flourished! habanero peppers aplenty, all coming into season right about now. So, in my infinite wisdom, I say to myself, "Self, what do you think about fixing up some mouth watering ABT's to go with those ribs we're smokin?" What the hell, I love hot stuff...so I decided to give it a whirl!!!

I used standard stuffing; a few with sausage & Cheese, a few with seafood & cheese. A dozen were made with jalapenos and six more with habaneros...

Two words....HOLY S#!*... :shock: What the hell was I thinking?!? I'm no tenderfoot, not by a long shot, but I mean to tell ya' those puppies were HOT! I had a good buddy over for the cook, and he's always boasting about how he can handle hot food too. So in the name of He-man pride, we had a tough guy contest and each ate three of the habs ...

If any of you guys hold stock in the Coors Brewing Company, you will be pleased to know that your portfolios have just received a major boost!!!

I have 1 hab plant and 4 jap plants but I think I'll pass on the hab ABT's :oops: . I like spicy foods but have found the jap ABT's to be quite satisfying.
There is only one pepper that I am aware of that is hotter than a habanero and that is a scotch bonnet. The scotch bonnet can be grown anywhere the habanero can ; so, if you are willing and daring enough! I will not bore you with my own experience but to say that there was not enough bread anf butter, cold beer and ..........wellllll you get the message!
Howdy srmonty.

I believe the scotch bonnet & habanero are very close relatives. Unfortunately I am unable to find scotch bonnets at any of our local grocery stores. Do they have a smoky flavor? (aside from the HOT of course) I cooked some Jerk pork that called for scotch bonnets and had to substitue habaneros.
Hey, Bob-BQN!

I seriously doubt you will find scotch bonnets anywhere north of the border or in North America for that matter except in a farmer's market. You probably will have to grow your own. If anyone can discount that fact I would be very happy to be proven wrong. I have never been able to buy scotch bonnet peppers commercially anywhere! (Correction: never tried in Southern California) But the good new is that most of the catalog seed suppliers have them available. Best of luck and keep plenty of bread and butter handy because beer, water, soda and anything else just does not work! BTW! They grow well in Northern Vermont if started indoors long before planting time!
Thanks for the info Monty. We have a rough time growing things in our area, we got to import dirt and constantly water. My habanero plant is a good size but has only 4 peppers on it. We find it cheaper to purchase rather than grow, yet I keep trying.
Iif you look at one of the original posts on this site, you'll see some Habanero ABT's on the Chile Grill (pics). As you, they were grown in my Pepper garden and I figured............what the heck! WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took 30 minutes to feel my lips again, and I, as you say, am no tenderfoot when it comes to spice.

Needless to say, it was an experiment that won't be repeated! Lesson learned!!!

I grew up with the saying "Learn from the mistakes of others-You won't live long enough to make them all your self". That being said there are those times when you just gotta find out for yourself. Oh well, what life without a little excitement thrown in every once in a while??!! :shock: :D
From my knowledge of peppers, Scotch Bonnets and habanero's are the same pepper. Just named differently. They are about 100,000 SHU's (Schoville Heat Unit) and jalapeno's ride at about 5,000 SHU's. There is another pepper called the Red Savina that is about 550,000 SHU's that was the hottest pepper in the world until 2 years ago when some guy invented one hotter called the Dorset Naga that stands at a whopping 900.000 SHU's. Both the Red Savina and the Dorset Naga are hybrids and are copywritten (or is it patented?) by their inventor. You can get seeds, but none of them can be grown commercially for sale to the public.
Scotch Bonnet's and Haanero's aren't the same pepper, I thought the same way until we had a long arguement about this at work, the do rate about the same though. The Red Savana is a type of habinero and the testing has been confirmed. but I've read alot of reports about the other pepper that all the testing that was done cannot be confirmed and that the grower's are using it as a marketing scheme to sell the seeds.

Who knew there could be drama in the world of peppers.
My next door neighbor is a severe chilehead and has been tweaking these mini Scotch Bonnets for years, this summer he gave me a little jar for sh•ts and giggles, so being a bit of a chilehead myself (I like srirachi sauce on my french fries, and keep a bottle of SmartAss and DumbAss in my cupboard), I tried one and found myself prostrate in front of a fiery glowing demi-god! Itâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s a good thing iâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]m not diabetic, cause sugar is the only thing that saved my mouth that day! I canâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t imagine a non-pepper person eating one of these…probably would lose it! :shock:
OUCHIE!!! I smoke the habinero's and dry them out. I grind them as I need them, add them to my sauces .. including pasta sauce ... a little goes a long way. They actually grow well in a large pot.

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