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  1. I have a cos. Some mods done to it so not that bad. I am new to the smoking game. I have destroyed my first brisket!!:(. I am doing a 9 pound shoulder. What I am wondering is, I started a bed of charcoal and added apple chunks. I am 4 hours in a different have used a lot of wood To keep the heat where I want it. How would I go about adding charcoal and secondly is it a bad thing to rely on wood? I am worried about over smoking it. I have the tbs rocking but still concerned. Thanks for the time.

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    I use wood splits in my Chargriller all the time, the trick is to keep a small, hot fire like this-

    I also heat the splits in the firebox before adding them to the fire. When I put the next split on the fire , add a new split to heat up.

    If you maintain a fire like this your food will not be too smoky. If you let the wood smolder and produce a lot of smoke then it will be too smoky.

    You can add unlit lump charcoal to the fire if you want, I prefer to add fully lit if I need to add charcoal.

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