Grocery Sale This Week

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Sep 19, 2018
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After looking thru the ads this morning, Food Lions around here have what I consider the best "deals".
- USDA Choice ribeye steaks $7.99/lb. This is one of the very few items that they'll cut to order.
- Baby back ribs $1.99/lb. Friday-Monday. $2.99/lb. the rest of the week.
- Frozen turkey breast $1.29/lb. Friday-Monday, also. $1.59/lb. the rest of the week.
- Snow crab clusters $10.99/lb. That's still expensive, but that's the cheapest I've seen them in a long, long time.
- Fresh corn 25¢/ear.

Kroger has USDA Choice half ribeyes for $6.99/lb. with a digital coupon...
Fry's Market is the Kroger affiliate here in AZ. This week bone-in choice ribeye is on sale for $5.77lb. I'll go later and see if they'll sell me the whole standing rib roast in the bag for that price, they've done it before, I cut my own steaks 1&1/2" thick. RAY
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Thanks for posting Charles! That is pretty good on the ribs. Was trying to figure out what to do on the 4th and that might just be it.
Totally envious of prices posted.
$1.99 ribs, I would have a freezer full. So easy to do and most everyone likes them.
2nd what Winterrider said. $3.99 ribs is the cheapest I have saw here and ribeye hasn’t been under $10 / lb for almost 2 years
So everybody says " Cheapest I've seen HERE"... Or ... "On sale HERE" .... So I go look at their profile to see where HERE is... Of coarse they don't have HERE in their profile ... So it does us no good to tell us that things are on sale HERE ...
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Safeway (Dallas OR) Ribeyes $4.97 lb limit 1 pk. Usually 3-4 in a pack.
Spare ribs .97 a lb limit 1.
Just got back with the first of more to come, had the butcher cut me a 7 bone rib roast 20.5lbs @4.79/lb final price. Still have more digital coupons, so getting more and maybe the Angus if I can find it @ $5.79 lb
Great deal, now the important question. Are you gonna spin it?

Great deal, now the important question. Are you gonna spin it?

Nope, cut these into 11 - 1.5" ribeye steaks, beef ribs and 1.5 lbs of fat for future sausage making (new to me). Did do one tonight in the Ninja.....I am going to try and get at least 2 more 20lb ones so maybe spin part of one as a roast?
The steaks look great, Cliff!
I am going to try and get at least 2 more 20lb ones
Doctor hasn't technically released me to drive yet so my wife is going to carry me to the store later this morning for some more to add to my stockpile, too...
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You're showing your regional roots .
I just saw brisket for $3.29 a pound . Gonna grab a couple to grind .
You guys sure get great pricing on rib roast . I never see it that cheap here .
Same place I got the rib roasts they had brisket at only $8.99
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