Grinder Head Maintainance

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Apr 27, 2017
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If your auger tip looks like this:

It is time to order a new one:

And replace it so it looks like this:
Definitely gotta be shoving a lot of meat through it to wear like that.
The auger tip will have more wear on one side than the other. The wear will happen opposite of where the meat exits the auger head and contacts the plate. If you hear a lot of clanking, the auger is bouncing around in the head and hitting the sides. Fat integrity will suffer as more slippage will occur which increases friction on the fat. Time to replace the auger tip.
Do the pilot holes in the plates get wallered out (maybe only those in the south will get this,lol) too?
No, but the edges of the holes will wear, which is why it is a good idea to sharpen both the plate and the knife. It is best to have dedicated knives for each plate you have....matched sets....they stay sharp longer.
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Whatever you not weld the tip onto the auger. The tip is a consumable part meant to be replaced. Also a good idea to use a very small teeny tiny bit of food grade silicone on the tip of the threads for easier removal when necessary.
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If your nylon washer looks like this:


Time for a new one. (this nylon washer was not from my grinder.)
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