Greenhouse Ideas!?

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Jun 18, 2013
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Hey all, my wife would like a greenhouse!

I would like to do a DIY if anyone could be of help…

We live above 5,000 ft… our winters and wind can be brutal at times….

She doesn’t ask much…. Well, a chicken coop too… 🤣

Finishing that tomorrow and moving on to the greenhouse plans…..
So what color green does she want? Lime green? Dill pickle green? Are you gonna paint with a brush or spray paint it? :emoji_blush:

Just kidding bud! Hope you get some good ideas!

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We combined the two! The end of our greenhouse houses the coop and the run for the chickens comes off that end. Here are a couple pictures



It was done with mostly repurposed stuff-windows, siding, roof, and most of the interior wood. We are able to keep the ladies warm in the winter and open up the windows to help cool it in the summer.
I am considering changing the roof to swap in a few greenhouse panels for more light.
I made this one twenty years ago. Just replaced the plastic this year. Super easy to build. I had no plans, just went with what I know how to do. I live in Northern Ontario were it gets 40 below and lots of snow. So it is a tough green house.

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That's what Justin needs! I've seen pics of his snow he gets lol! I'd need it for the wind!

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A lean-to pole structure with corrugated clear panels….. put slider windows/openings (you can make them out of the corrugated panels) on the high side. Keep it under 200 sq ft and remember the 1/3 rule of post in the ground for post above…add a collar on the base of the post in the ground for the uplift……. Keep it under 9ft on the high side w/ a 4/12 roof as well…….us 3/8s equivalent bolts for connections be sure each connection has a min of 2 3/8 equivalents……
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