Green Egging St. Louis Style Ribs w/ Extender

Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokinnbrewin, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. I am using a medium big green egg and have two racks of St. Louis style ribs that I will have to cut in half to get them on the egg. If I use the grill extender and place a rack on that for more cooking room, will they still cook evenly? Obviously planning on an indirect smoke so my first inclination is that it won't matter.

    What do you think?
  2. daveomak

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    It is difficult to get even heating in any smoker.... Rotate the racks during the smoke.... Pull some off when they are done and finish the rest....   Trial and adjust is the name of the smoking game....    Dave
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    Slow even heat is the whole concept behind barbeque.  Rotating items and pulling some before others is the name of poor equipment and/or inexperience.
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    My mistake..... I haven't been able to get a 5#  butt and a 7#  butt to get done at the same time...   or a 4# chicken and a 5# chicken to cook evenly....   Now I have to figure out if I need a new smoker or try to get more experience...  

    I think I need to start a poll on which way to go here ???   Help me folks.......     
  5. austinl

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    I don't think anyone can reasonably expect two different sizes of meats to be done at the same time even with "perfectly" even heat.  However, it should be even enough that you shouldn't have to be rotating items to keep half of it from cooking way before the other half.  I think telling someone who may be new to smoking they should expect to settle for such a low bar is poor advice to give them.
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    I have vertical smokers and can guarantee you that there's a temp difference from shelf to shelf and even from one side of a single shelf or between the front and back of that shelf..   I'd challenge you to find any "reasonably priced" stick burner that has the same grate temp next to the FSB as it does on the side opposite. 

    I'd feel safe in saying that there aren't many grills, ovens or smokers made that don't have "hotspots" in them, and that's without even taking into account the effects of meats or other items that will be on your grill or in your smoker.  SmokinNBrewin specifically mentioned the use of a grill extender which is second shelf for the BGE.   Therefore, he would have two layers/levels of ribs, the lower one being between the upper one and the heat source.

    Speaking of the heat source, he said that he would be cooking indirect, but does that mean he will be using a heat shield?   Or merely that he'll build his heat source on the side opposite the ribs ?  While not as direct as spreading the heat source all along the bottom, it still really isn't "indirect" heat and could be a factor.

    Just out of curiousity, what smokers are you aware of that DON'T have noticeable temp variances somewhere in the chamber ?

    Dave was right on point in what he said and it's sound advice.    The one thing I would add is a caveat of "IF it appears that some racks are cooking faster, THEN" "Rotate the racks during the smoke.... Pull some off when they are done and finish the rest.... Trial and adjust is the name of the smoking game.... "
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  7. I don't have a big green egg, I have a vision kamado and the temperature difference from one grill to the other when using indirect heat is negligible.  Using my maverick I have tested different locations on both the top and bottom grill and they are always +or- less than 5 degrees.  I have a kamado Joe heat deflector that only leaves maybe an inch or so around it and it keeps the heat inside very even.  He is cooking on a big green egg so u really can't compare it to a sfb stick burner.  Kamado cooks more like a Smokey convection oven with very even temps for hour after hour, That's why I love mine so much.
  8. daveomak

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    Interesting about the consistent heat/temp pattern......   Have you tested the temps with several pieces of meat on the racks ???  Just curious... as my MES 30 has varying temps from rack to rack and side to side with butts, rib racks etc. inside the smoker....   Even sausage or bacon hanging in the smoker, there are different temp zones....   I live with it and adjust....    Dave
  9. I have tested with meat on it and found it to be very consistent.  I'm sure I could test it some more as I haven't had it that ling, but so far I've never seen any real difference.  Like any smoker the meat will drop the temp of the entire grill when it's put on and also during the stall. When I used my masterbuilt vertical propane smoker I had to rotate my meats but so far I haven't had to do this when using indirect heat on my kamado. I have made 2 chickens,  some bb ribs, pulled pork. 4 pork loins and temps have been even enough I have not needed to rotate anything.  Obviously size matters and bigger cuts tend to take longer than small ones and I try to plan accordingly but as always it's done when it's done so grab another beer and wait a bit longer cause it'll be worth it. I will test the temps a bit more as I keep using it but so far to say I've been anything less than blown away by my kamado wouldn't do it any justice.  It's just amazing to cook on.
  10. demosthenes9

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    You specified that you have a Kamado Joe heat deflector.  I presume that this is an aftermarket accessory and that you determined you had a need for it?

    As for grate temps variations and the tests with your Maverick, was that on empty grates ? Or was it with grates loaded?  

    The reason for bringing up the stick burner is that AustinL made the claim that temp differences in a smoker would be indicative of "poor equipment and/or inexperience."  That most certainly is not the case.
  11. I bought the heat deflector because that's how you do indirect cooking for the most part in a ceramic cooker. I responded to Dave that I did try it with food on it and temps were still consistent, however I have not had it that long and could still do further testing. I was not getting in the middle of the whole inexperience and bad equipment debate because I didn't agree. I stated earlier that with my masterbuilt propane smoker I had much more of a hot and cold zone where I had to rotate things.. The only point i was making with the fsb is that it works very different from a ceramic cooker. I do not understand on forums why people cast aspersions or make wild claims. I was just trying to help and ended up having a nice conversation with Dave who I have a great respect for and have learned a lot from since I've been on here.
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    When I replied to you initially, Dave hadn't replied to your post yet, therefore, I hadn't read his reply or your response.   Was kind of funny after hitting the submit button, I was brought back to the thread and saw that Dave and I asked about a similar line of thought, i.e. empty grates vs loaded ones.    I think I took your post as you intended, as Dave did, and asked a couple of questions to sort of flesh out what had been said.
  13. daveomak

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    I haven't been able to get a 5#  butt and a 7#  butt to get done at the same time.. or a 4# chicken and a 5# chicken to cook evenly...

    Austin, morning....   Hey....  When I read your post, I was chuckling, almost laughing out loud.....  Your response bordered on the ridiculous....  So in turn, I responded with the absolute ridiculous....   Sorry if you didn't see the humor in what we were both saying....

    Owning a perfect smoker and being smart enough to operate it.....  

    And getting 2 completely different size hunks of meat done at the same time.....

    Those two concepts are beyond my imagination and funny...  Dave
  14. austinl

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    Dave, that's interesting because when I read your post I was chuckling, almost laughing out loud.  When you say things like your insulated electronically controlled smoker is so uneven you have to move sausage around, you are really just supporting my point; any good smoker should heat even enough that you shouldn't have to do that.  The guy up there with the kamado cooker knows this, I know this with mine, and I've seen friend's of mine that do not have the kind of problems you and others on this forum describe.  The fact is there are many companies out there with quality smokers that do cook very evenly.  I'm standing by my original position that telling someone they should just get used to it because that's what barbeque is, is incorrect!
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  16. demosthenes9

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    Sure, if you want to spend $1300+ on  Horizon or something similar, and then be sure to add on the accessory convection plate to help even out the temps.

    Looking back, you offered this advice in another thread


    Originally Posted by AustinL

    With horizontal offsets you should have gotten a higher temperature the lower in the cooking chamber you measure it because the fireboxes are always lower so the heat and smoke can rise through the cooking area.

    What ? Temps are higher the lower in the cooking area you go ?  But, but, but, that has to be poor quality/design/craftsmanship or something doesn't it ??

    BTW, on most offsets, unless you purchased the aforemention convection plate OR you took the time to MOD your rig, you'll have higher temps lower in the cooking area AND closer to the SFB.  
  17. dewetha

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    I hope to be in the market for a smoker soon. can you provide a list of reasonable models? i not spending 4k on a backyard smoker to save 15 min on a 10 dollar rack of ribs but would like charcoal or stick type smoker.
  18. austinl

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    dewetha, I spent a little over $1300 on my Horizon with the accessories listed below my posts and I'm very satisfied with it.  It's sturdy as can be, holds even temps, and requires very little adjustments once you get some practice managing the fire (I use a combination of chimney-heated charcoal and open-palm sized hunks of wood.)  I expect to still be enjoying it decades from now.  I know a few people with green eggs and they seem very happy with them as well and I believe they are a bit less expensive.  There are other brands very similar to Horizon in build such as Lang, Gator Pit, Yoder, and many others you can search for on the internet.  Most manufacturers like these offer an optional convection plate type of setup and if you are set on a horizontal offset type of smoker I would highly recommend getting one with it or any "reverse flow" type.
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  19. austinl

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    Yes I got the built-in adjustable convection plate and it is awesome!  I'm well aware of how heat moves through horizontal offsets without any baffling in them and I wouldn't be satisfied with one of those either and I certainly wouldn't accept it, that's why when I was ready to drop some change on a nice smoker I was 110% sure I wanted that plate.  We weren't originally talking about price in this thread.  Dave made a general statement about it being very difficult to get even temps in any smoker and I disagreed with that because I've seen many smokers (including my own) that are quite easy to get even temps in.
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