Great price on 23mm Collagen casing for snack sticks

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Apr 27, 2017
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So, while at the deer camp, we made a run into town for supplies and groceries and the guys were telling me about this spice and butcher supply shop in town.
We stopped by to look around. I found their collagen casings at a very decent price of $7.

What I like about these 23mm casings is that they slide very easily onto a 10mm stuffer tube. Just a very small bit of wiggle room, and no resistance at all.

No hassle, no need to uncoil the casing onto the tube.

I had been using 21mm collagen casing and though I could force the entire casing onto the 10mm tube, it took a lot of force and the hole had to be perfect. I look forward to see how these 23mm casings work out...especially for the price.
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Podunk, middle of nowhere Arkansas....I agree-great price! And I had to share it with you guys!
"Podunk" hahaha that's my coonass brother speaking right there! Made my day Inda. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!
How do you like them casings? Did you use them yet?
How do you like them casings? Did you use them yet?
Used them twice. Made two runs of snack stix. Some of the casings were just like the 21mm that I have, and some were a little darker color and had a sticky surface for some odd reason... not quite oily. i used both and no issues after smoking and drying. They seem tougher than the 21mm I was using as I could really put some pressure on them to fill them tight. I will buy them again.
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