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    I'm Andre, I live in the Indianapolis area.  I have always enjoyed grilling, but fell in love with smoking when my friend needed me to 'store' his tow behind Large format Propane tank top load smoker.  It had a large fire box and a massive meat area.  I had quite a few parties where he showed me the ways of southern BBQ.  Ever since then I was hooked.  

    Attached is a picture of the smoker I built from my grandfathers old GE refrigerator.  I removed all the compressors and fridge parts, stripped out the insulation and replaced with fiber/ceramic high temp insulation.  Painted it a fire engine red (high temp caliper spray paint) and added some racks for the inside.    

    I also use the Loki Wifi meat thermometer (recent kick starter project, that works great for tracking 4 different meat probes.  Its the small black round thing stuck to the side of the pellet hopper.  The smoker attachment is a smoke daddy pellet pro that works great for maintaining temperature.  

    I am into Ribs, Brisket and Pork Shoulder.  But I am going to experiment with sausage, turkey and other meats.  I am always looking for advise on rubs, marinades and other techniques.  

    Looking froward to contributing to the community.  



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    Welcome to SMF!

    Glad to have you with us!

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    Curious.. you have a back yard? That is a nice azz smoker.. very cool.. hope that we get to see food pics from it. Lol.. just kidding about backyard.. I know you rolled that out front for artistic reasons.. and to make people driving by jealous. 😂
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    Welcome to SMF! Nice looking machine.
  5. larouchea79

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    Thanks Rings R Us.  My back patio was under construction while I took this picture.  But I do like to make the neighbors Jealous ;)

    @Ososmokeshack, Thanks.  Im looking forward to getting advice from all the seasoned vets on the site. 

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    Welcome to the forum!  That is a nice looking smoker!


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