Grease Drain Ball Valve?

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Nov 25, 2023
I see where some have put a ball valve on the grease drain of their smokers. It appears that the drain on the Brazos is a bit over 1 1/2"?? Ball valves of that size are a bit pricey. How important is having a ball valve on the grease drain? If a ball valve is used, should any kind of sealant be used considering the heat invovled?

Thank you!!
I watched a few videos and read some forums where others who do have a ball valves on theit smokers cook with the valve open to allow the grease to drain. If that is the common practice, I can only guess the ball valve serves to keep any additional grease from dripping after the smoker is no longer in use and therefore not needing a bucket to stay under the drain?
You own a Brazos right ?

My Brazos took a 1 1/4" ball valve.

And ya don't have to buy those high pressure valves. Its been a few years but I found one on Amazon for $8 .

And yes, the valve controls the draining. But also if ya wanted to clean out the bottom with water, it comes in handy. Close it off and run some hot water into the chamber, drain it into a 5 gallon bucket.

I've heard of people putting water in the chamber during a cook. I think LSG pits are designed for that.
I do own a Brazos. Any kind of thread sealant necessary?
I haven't seen a Brazos in person but from a picture it looks like just a treaded pipe is sticking out. If this is correct just screw the ball valve on. Although the valve really isn't needed. Reverse flows have them so you can shut them off to fill the plate with a fluid to add humidity during a cook. In an offset you don't want oil building up in the end of the smoker during the cook..... So the open pipe is just fine as long as you have a bucket under it...... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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