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    We love the silky texture of gravlax, when eaten with cream cheese, thinly sliced red onion, and capers, but expensive when purchased.  Making it at home costs little more than the cost of the fish itself.  Recipe was hand written and from a Scandinavian friend

    • 1/3 cup sugar - used brown sugar instead of white sugar in this prep
    • 1/2 cup salt
    • Generous bunch of dill
    • 2 salmon (or steelhead) filets
    • Mix the salt and sugar
    • Place one filet onto a large sheet of celophane
    • sprinkle the entire salt/sugar mixture onto the filet with more on the thicker end and less on the belly part (thin)
    • Cover the salt generously with fresh dill
    • Place the other filet on the first one - flesh to flesh
    • Bring the celophane over the top to cover the fish as best as possible, and add more sheets of celophane as needed
    • Place the package on a cookie sheet with sides high enough to keep exudate (estracted fluid) from spilling
    • Place a second cookie sheet on the first and also a 5 lb weight to press the top cookie sheet down onto the fish
    • Place in a refrigerator for 3 days, and turn twide a day, each time dumping any fluid accumulating in the tray
    • After 3 days, unrap the fish, remove the dill, and was the filets.
    • Use a thin flexible blade knife to cut the salmon - a filet knife is the best

    Sockeye (skin on) slathered with sugar and salt mixture

    Dill from the Aerogarden generously applied

    Mixed up the dill and sugar/salt in preparation of placing the second filet

    Ready to wrap in cellophane, and into the fridge for several days

    Spent the entire day on the deck - for brunch, gravlax, cream cheese, and capers.  You take a slice of gravlax, spread a bit of cream cheese, and then dip cheese side down into the capers (this is my lazy way of eating the fish) - I omitted the onion this time, and of course the bagel.

    Have to have sparkling wine - Cava this time

    Gorgeous sunset - sorry - just had to add this one in

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    Looks like a good recipe to me! Great pictures as well!
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    Thank you CranckyBuzard [​IMG]
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    Nice colour...both for the food and sunset.

    I, too, love bubbly (dry) with cured salmon (and meats).People always asked me: what's the occasion?

    Have you tried cold smoking the lox?

    P.s. just noticed you had cava with it, not just any sparkling wine. Are we brothers or something?
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    [​IMG] must be - I never met a Cava I didn't like!

    Thanks for the comments, atomicsmoke - that's the funny thing about sparkly - mostly people feel that it is only for special occasions.  We have a bottle of Cava nearly every weekend with our breakfast/brunch.  Certainly costs no more than an average bottle of wine!

    I've not tried smoking the lox yet mostly because it gets eaten well before I could ever get it into the smoker.  However, I know that one of these days I'm going to kiss the fish with alder (my favorite wood for salmon/steelhead)
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    Terrific salmon and the pictures are great. The whole plate looks classy, including the sparkling wine. Kudos and a point.

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    Most kind... Thank you, Disco

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