Got a 10-lb picnic roast in...

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Nov 21, 2006
Waco, TX
Got a bone-in picnic roast for $1/lb. Got it in the smoker with a batch of Wicked Beans. About to put in the fatty. QView to come...
I smoke one day planning on eating it the next. I cut off the skin, and trimmed a hair bit of the fat off. I smoked a pack of hotdogs for supper. We made chili dogs from them. Mmmm Mmm good!
Hello Chris Harper!!!

     Man has it been a while since we've (or at least I) have heard from you. It's really good to see your post and hope to hear from you again soon. It brings back a lot of good memories. Hope you enjoy that Q!!
Florida Bill! It has been a long time! The roast is at 170° right now. Been using Mesquite and a bit of Plum wood. The roast was 10.05 pounds. We tore the fatty up- it is gone, lol. Didn't get any pics of it. My oldest boy, 19-yrs old, and my daughter and her friend ate it up. I got two slices of it.
Chris, glad your back man, can't wait to see that 10.5 lb. Picnic roast and those wicked beans, take lots of pics for the Q-view sounds like a good meal to eat while watching the race tomorrow!

Your SMF Friend,

Got my camera out to take pics before I pulled it, and the batteries were dead. They have been on the charger all day. Waiting for that green light to go off on it.
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