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Jun 25, 2006
I have a GOSM Big Block smoker. For Thanksgiving I plan to smoke two 12 pound turkeys and have a few questions for other GOSM owners. I will start the Big Block off at 275F since that is as high as my Block Block will go when chilly outside. I will inject the turkeys and use pecan wood for smoking.

1. Should I keep the Big Block at 275F the whole time?
2. If kept at 275F the whole time then how long can I expect it will take to cook the two birds?
3. If the smoker temperature should be lower then what should it be?
4. At the lower temperature about how long will it take to cook the birds?

Thanks in advance for your comments and advise.
Hey Oillogger,

Check the post by Dutch in the poultry forumn called "Turkey trial run", he was doing about the same thing as you are planning.

I was going to paste the link in, but my cut and paste is not working on this forum for the last couple of days. :?:
Your choice on the temp, the hotter it is the crispier the skin. The main thing to remember is you want to NOT let the birds sit too long in the "danger zone" temp range (it is poultry after all). But a 12 pounder shouldn't cause any concerns there. At the 275 temp you are probably looking at around 5 - 6 hours to reach an internal temp of 180, but as with all Q .... its done when its done.

Good luck and Happy Turkey Day from Canada !!!!
At 5:30AM they went on and at 9:30AM the internal temps were 165F for the top bird and 151F for the bottom bird. I took each of the out when they hit 180F and let them sit for 30 minutes. As I was cutting the breast the juice was really flowing out and still steaming a little.
The birds tasted great. My family wolfed down a good portion of one of the birds and two hours later both turkeys were deboned and the meat was chilling in the frig. Later that night after everyone had left I noticed only one small bag of turkey left in the frig. So much for days of leftovers.
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