GOSM Coffee Can modification

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frag monger

Original poster
May 21, 2006
Seattle, WA
"I did not use the smoker box that came with the unit. Instead I took a large coffee can and cut it down to where it would fit under the water pan."

I have a couple quick questions regarding this modication. I'd like to do it, so I don't have to change my chips as often (right now, I have to change them just about every hour).

1. Is there any concern of the heat melting the can? How high a temp can the can take?

2. I am under the impression that, left open-topped, the chips might flame rather than smoke. Is this an issue? do I need to retain the coffee can lid & place it on top of the chips (after making a few holes in it)?

3. For those who have done this mod, how often do you find you now have to change your chips?

Thanks in advance! :)

(I can tell I'll become a regular here. I used my 1st smoker for the 1st time this past weeked & I'm hooked! I'm sure I'll use my GOSM to death - until I can upgrade to smething bigger & better.)
Frag, I must be getting old-saw you mention that you used a 'cut down coffee can' reminded me of the BBC modification from the old GOSM board (Yahoo). The mod was to take a Bush's Bean Can (the tall can) and only use the can opener half way around the top of the can. Pry up and fold back the edge of the lid and empty the beans. Clean out the can and remove the label- place your wood chunks/chips in the can and then lay the can on it's side (with the opening on top) on the box rack. The bent back lid will give you something to grab onto (using visegrips or channel lock pliers of course) to insert and remove the can. I never made this mod but hopefully someone here that remembers that old GOSM board will add to this.
i just lay mine in the rack where the smoke box should be with some holes drilled in the top, i dont close off the top of the can just leave it open to make adding wood easier, if i need to dump ashes i just use a pair of channel lock pliers to grab the top of the can

i dont think this will work for the big block

i have a big block coming soon from amazon so ill try it then !!! :P
Thanks for the pic. I see how you're doing it. The way I read it before, it sounded like the can was sitting upright & had been cut shorter to fit.

W/ the end open like that, do your chips ever 'burn' instead of just smoke?

Also, I notice you have some charcoal briquets in there w/ yoru chips/chunks. What's that for? I didn't think you needed any charcoal when using a propane smoker(?)
they will ignite when you open the door, but will quickly go out by closing the vents for a few seconds

i put charcoal in there to try and get a better smoke ring, it didnt work to well

you wont get much of a smoke ring with gas but you WILL have all the smoke flavor

if you havent ordered on yet Amazon has the TRUE big blocks not the wal mart wide body's for 189 + FREE shipping !!!!

i just ordered one and anxiously waiting its arrival :twisted:
Hey, guys, I just ordered a GOSM Big Block from Home Depot at $189 and free shipping! I think the free shipping is a Father's Day special. But what the heck! I'm a father and that's special! Wish my kids were into this site! :)
Mine should be here next Monday. When do you expect yours, Crazyhorse?
I am really looking forward to the new toy. Already have a list a mile long for stuff I want to try. As for the mods I think from minute one I will go with the coffee can thingy and work from there. Got loads of maple, some oak and very special friend dropped a bunch of mesquite chunks at my place recently!
this Friday i hope

now i need to think of something to break her in with 8)
After I get mine seasond I think what I will do is put a bunch of different ideas into a hat and draw three. We'll see what happens!
good idea !!!!
this person had contacted the manufacturers office
that there are 3 models of gosms gas---
regular--- 99 bucks at wally w and home d.
wide body-135
big block--189

i dont know what the diff is.
I have the GOSM big block. Instead of a coffee can I used a normal rectangular cooking pan. I have no issues with flare ups. I normally have to add wood around every two two half hours.

I might try the coffee can to see which works better.

Take care,

Larry, the difference is in the size and of course capacity of the smoker. Once again the age old question arises about size!
Hey, Reflect, that sounds like a great experiment! Please keep us posted on the results!
No Problem Monty. However it will be the weekend after this one. This week I am in a project rollout. Working around 65-70 hours. The paycheck will be sweet though :D .

Take care,

I did the 'cut down coffee can' thing and it works great. Be sure to measure your distance from coffee can top to water pan bottom. I have a GOSM propane unit. I fill the coffee can with wood chunks, then water and let it soak for about a half hour. Dump the water, set the can on the rack over the burner, put the water pan in filled with 'Hot Water' and light it up and leave it on 'High' with the door shut til it starts to smoke. Then put in the meat and adjust the flame and vents to obtain the proper temp. It takes some close supervision but it works. Wood chunks last about an hour to an hour and a half depending on how hot you set your burner.

That's one way, more than likely there are better ideas.
WooT my big block came today, have it assembled and seasoning as i type, BUT...............

there is a huge dent at the back left panel and on the door and the door will not close properly

i will cook on it like it is this weekend but i want this fixed :evil:

i have a # for CFM corp and i called them and the office was closed :shock:

i will call them tommorow and get some replacements

oh yea the coffe can mod will work on the big block if you put the water pan on the top slot (not in the groove)

on another board they had the same problems and their customer service came through for them, hopefully they will replace the dented parts :cry:
Hey CrazyHorse,

You mentioned "Another Board". I'm just getting back into smoking and only know of this board. What is the addy for your other "other Board"?
Crazyhorse, sorry to hear of the damage to your new baby. Just out of curiosity....who was the carrier that delivered it?
Wish you the best of luck with it!
UPS was the carrier, the box itself wasnt damaged so it had to come from the factory like that

im not sure that Jeff wants me to give out "the other boards" info
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