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Nov 29, 2019
Denver, CO
If you have eaten out at a restaurant or food truck in your area that had great food, post it up and share here.

I went to the Loveland Airshow last weekend here in Colorado and had some fantastic food

Friday night I randomly selected a place called Hogfish Smokehouse from Google Maps and I was pleasantly surprised. Colorado is not known for good bbq, let alone smoked ribs.

I ordered the smoked ribs and brisket platter with mac ‘n cheese and fries. The ribs were smoked in a stick burner and they were juicy, tender and perfect! The flavor was outstanding. Mac ‘N Cheese had a bit of jalapeno pop to it and the fries were excellent. Service was top notch too. The chopped brisket was ok, I prefer sliced brisket over chopped though. These might be the best ribs I’ve had in Colorado.

Saturday night I went up to the CO/WY border and ate at Senator’s Steakhouse and that was very good as well. Ordered a bison ribeye, cowboy beans, fried mushrooms and mac ‘n cheese. Everything was excellent and the service was wonderful.



Some food trucks can put out some outstanding foods. MileHighSmokerGirl MileHighSmokerGirl when I was travel nursing I always went for the local places and stayed away from chains. Unless it was like In-n-Out that we cant get on the east coast. And I always ask the folks I worked with where they ate. Some of the best food I ever ate came from places that looked like they needed to be condemned.
Some of the best food I ever ate came from places that looked like they needed to be condemned.

Isn‘t this required for the best BBQ joints? And, they are hard to locate. Often don’t even have a sign. You just have to follow the aroma…
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Best brisket I ever had was from a converted race trailer in a vacant lot with a hand painted
sign at the front of the lot that said BBQ in Fayetteville, TN.
We were staying at a Best Western in Fayetteville for a wedding in AL and noticed it while driving around killing time.
Turned out the ol' boy was also from Indianapolis.
When I was traveling for work I also stayed away from chains when I could.
Look for a local place with a full parking lot.
Manny's in Sandusky, OH comes to mind..... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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