Going for the goose

Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by rhoades, Jan 9, 2015.

  1. Well I finally got me a smoker, got a MES 40" from SAMs club, I've heard mixed feelings about this smoker, but it was in my price range so I went for it. Ordered an amazN tube smoker, since I live at high altitude Mr Johnson recomended I go with the tube instead of the tray. I am currently marinating 7 goose breasts in a soy sauce, brown sugar and spiced marinade. This will be my first ever smoke so figured I'd go for the goose right off. Since I know nothing about smoking and I've heard goose is tricky to do and an acquired taste I figured I'd use my favorite jerky marinade to try it. Haven't decided what flavor of pellet to use yet, since they're in soy sauce I'm thinking a hickory pellet, any suggestions would be great. I'm planning on setting my temp at 200 and going till IT is around 155. Now do I set my heat and wait for it to reach 200 before I put the breasts in, or can I put them in right away? I'll post pictures once I pull them out of the marinade. Wish me luck on my first smoke and please feel free to give any advice, plan on smoking tomorrow
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    I'd recommend using the search engine and look at what others have done with goose breast and at what temps and how long to go...

    I think atomicsmoke just did some recently! He's got some really good threads on some gourmet smokes!!!

    I also have a couple of amnts' and if I'm using them at home I usually use Todd's pitmaster's choice blend pellets (I think they are 60 % hickory, 20% cherry and 20% maple woods).

    Good luck on your first smoke! I'll be watching...
  3. Well got it done, I soaked them in my marinade then rinsed them and wrapped half of them in bacon and did the other half in an olive oil and special rub. Started out at 200 degrees for about four hours and only got the IT temp up to 140, so kicked it up to 250 and went another hour and got an IT of 150, kicked it up to 25o and went another 1 hour and pulled them out with an IT of 160. I had trouble with my amazN tube smoker, kept going out. There was a lot of moisture throughout the smoke so don't know if that's why it kept burning out. I ended up just using the pellets in the smokers pan and it worked fine. They turned out very good and super moist, don't know why cause I've heard goose is dry and chewy, but these were amazing!![​IMG]

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