GMG Ledge or Reqtec 590?

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Original poster
Jun 30, 2021
Up in the air between these 2 smokers.

Coming from a Traeger i bought new in 2004. Both of these seem well built. The GMG is more refined from what i saw in person IMHO It has a fold down front shelf AND a side shelf and also goes to 550* vs Reqtec @ 500*. It also has a thermal blanket for winter use which Reqtec does not and can power the GMG off of 12V so nice for camping. It's only $75 cheaper so not a big deal.

Reqtec looks cheap but haven't seen one in person, Just on Youtube. The one benefit i can see is the PID control but it appears GMG has something similar? Also saw a couple Youtube videos about burnback on the Reqtec after shutdown because the shutdown cycle is only 5 minutes VS 10. The upgraded controller in my Traeger is 10 minutes and it looks like the GMG is the same. Anything i'm missing for a strong comparison?? FYI the 110 Sq IN size difference doesn't bother me. My current Traeger is just over 400 Sq IN and has served me well since 04...... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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