Glaze for 1 part of 3-2-1

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PhatDawg, Welcome to SMF. By Glaze do you want a BBQ sauce or like a ham glaze, or just a dipping sauce? check out the sauces section for more info
I don't have anything set yet as a winner, but I can tell you some of what I have been trying and you can experiment some as well.

I have been cutting some of my favorite BBQ sauces with various juices. Apple, Pineapple, Cherry, and Fruit juice are the main ones. Oops, orange juice too. I have added OJ, minced garlic, and onion to my sauce simmer for 10-15 minutes then either brushed it on or dipped the ribs in it in a shallow pan if cooking several slabs. You can also incorporate jellies if you warm on stove. I want to try some Jalapeno and Habanero flavored jellies this summer.

I love dry ribs as well, but you can get some unique accents with a light and thin yet flavorable "finishing" sauces applied in the last 30 minutes to an hour of cooking. Hope this gives you some ideas anyway. Sorry I don't have a top secret concoction yet.

BTW, welcome aboard PhatDawg. Why not cruise on up to the "Roll Call" section of the forums and introduce yourself?
It can be as simple as taking your favorite sauce and doctoring it. Add a little butter for shine, honey, cayenne for little extra kick, fruit juice and spices as needed. The idea is to balance with your.

Also the 1 part for me lasts just long enough to set the glaze (15 to 30 min).

I like Chad's idea also using the fruit juices, I would add vinegar for the BBQ tang.

The idea is to give your ribs a 4 place flavor print, tang from glaze, sweet from glaze, then the rub comes through. Becuase you will find folks will use less sauce and the meat flavor is more prominent.
Glad to hear I may at least be on the right track. I purchased Rice vinegar just last night as I understand it has a more subtle flavor with a little less tang. Also supposed to be good for straight BBQ sauce as well.

Does this sound about right or do you stick with apple cider vinegar? Or perhaps a whole other choice?

I will also have to try the butter as well. That must be what gives some of the ribs I've seen pics of that almost to good to eat look. How much butter to say 2 C. of glaze/finishing sauce?
Thanks for the reply guys. I ended up just taking some bbq sauce that i had and adding a few thing by taste and it came out great.

the only problem i had was trouble getting the ribs back off the grill. they kind of fell apart. they taste great so i guess the falling apart thing didnt matter. sorry i forgot to take pictures. they were gone way too quick..

this is a great forum and have given me some very good ideas.
I would play with the rice vinegar but apple cider leaves a flavor print that people will identify with. Part of BBQ is what you remember it tastes like.

Won't need much for 2 cups, 1/2 a pat.
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