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Progressive lens wearer. Hate them with a passion. Almost harder to see things very close (tying hooks, cleaning reels, small carburetor work) etc. Have had the bifocals repositioned a few times on different pairs. Just sucks...
Years ago I worked in a machine shop. The old guys all had jewelers loop attachments for their safety glasses to read drill size and micrometer scale.
i used to rib my supervisor as he used a double eye magnifier.
What goes around comes around? 40 years later, I use this Harbor Freight cheapo as it provides binocular vision.


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Once upon a time I could practically see thru walls. Not now. Tried progressives for everyday wear. Could read, could see far, but mid-range was worthless. Got tired of putting my face against the grocery shelves just to see prices. Went to tri-focals with a lowered lense split and life is good. I do wear mid range-close range progressives for computer work.


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That's what I had . Top clear , bottom for reading and up close .
I used to wear a Mask when Chainsaw carving (shoulda started that 40 years earlier), but they weren't the greatest masks. In the Winter I couldn't see, because the leakage steamed up my glasses really bad!! LOL


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What's nice with the VA when your glasses are done they send them to you. No need to go back. I have my appt at the end of the month, was canceled last year due to the virus.


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Skip Lenscrafters unless they can do the glasses in an hour. I need progressives and they wanted $1,000 for 2 pairs AND I was expected to wait 2 weeks. Costco did it faster and for half the price. With progressives mail order is problematic since they need to "fit" them for the progressive point so you can see both distance and close.


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I just switched from contacts to progressive trifocals. I'd worn contacts for 40 yrs and with them I had 20/15 vision but had to wear readers for close up. Without them I could see close up just fine. Until recently anyway. Realized my arms weren't long enough to read anymore. Costco exam and glasses with Transitions lenses ran $299 and a pair of single vision sunglasses were $130. I'll go through Zenni for the sunglasses next time though or get a pair of Transitions driving lenses since that's the only time I need them.
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There are a very few tasks (taking notes in a large conference room comes to mind, which isn't happening much during Covid) that I use bifocals for. For everything else, I just grab one of several sets of glasses right for the job. So there's my infinity prescription ("+0") I call my driving glasses, a "+1 diopter" version I call my garage glasses, a "+1.5" I call my computer glasses, a 1.75 for most reading, and a +2 diopter version I call my Bible Reading glasses (for small print). I have sunglasses in both +0 and +1 for driving and gardening. I seldom pay over $12 for glasses, using ZenniOptical or Goggles4U. For about a buck Zenni lets you inscribe your name and my diopter code on the inner bow, so I don't have to buy weird colors to keep them all straight.

Plus, I need large/long bows and the on-line vendors allow you to search by temple arm length. The brick-and-mortar optical dispensers just aren't that helpful. So I recommend getting a prescription (and glaucoma checks, etc) from an optometrist or ophthalmologist and order your own optical hardware DIY. I have a lot of astigmatism but the cylindrical part of my Rx doesn't change much so I only go in every 2-3 years.


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Well you just have to get older, cause Medicare pays for cataract surgery. Got it done a couple of years ago & have 20/20 vision again. Don’t need glasses of any kind, but I do use # 100 cheater’s to read small print.
Did the same 14 months ago and I'm back to 20/20 also. Only use cheaters for reading, computer work, etc. Only problem with the cheaters was that I kept misplacing them so I ended up buying a 10-pack that I split between the house, 3 cars, and a brief case. I still get caught if I'm in a store or restaurant and am trying to read labels, menus, the check, etc. and forgot them.

As I recall, the procedure was $7,500 per eye. Medicare paid everything but a $100 copay per eye.

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