GIVEAWAY for Inkbird Wifi Sous vide Cookers

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I would love to have one of these. I bought one awhile back, but my good friend of over 40 years was here when it arrived. I never even got to try it out as he staked claim to it.:emoji_fearful: Thanks for a chance to
win one.:emoji_fingers_crossed:
I had the pleasure of demoing one of these and they are great. I already owned an Anova that I'd had for awhile and while it works ok I like the Inkbird unit a lot more. While I still have both units the Inkbird is the one I use unless I'm doing something that requires two running at the same time. It seems to heat faster and the wifi works great. I can put something in set the temp and time and go out and do whatever I need to and not have to worry about checking it or keeping track of the time because the program will let me know when it's done. If I'm in the middle of something an extra 10 or 15 minutes usually doesn't matter because it's still going at the temp I set it at when I started. This thing will keep the temp you set within about 1 degree the entire cook no matter how long you have it running. I've done cooks ranging from about 2 hours to 30 hours and it has worked perfect every time. I used ours last night to do a couple porterhouse steaks 2 hours at 130 then a quick sear and it comes out great every time. I could have used the pit boss or propane grill heck I could have started some charcoal or wood and cooked them that way but the wife and I both prefer this method because of how it comes out. You know you do it on any of those devices and it never seems to come out exactly the way you want you had a flare up or cooked a couple minutes to long or the wind caused temp variation whatever with the SV that doesn't happen. Another thing to consider is that while most of us cook to USDA recommended temps that all changes using SV because if you hold that meat at X temp for X minutes it's considered safe according to the USDA. We eat salad with chunks of chicken breast in it a time or two a week tying to eat healthier. I sometimes smoke some chicken breasts then vacuum seal them to use as needed but I have to take them to 165 to be considered safe with the SV I do them at 150 for 4 hours and it meets the USDA specs and results in a much moister product.
If you don't own one you should they are great for all kinds of things I know I use ours mostly for steaks and chicken but a lot of our members use them for so much more check out their threads and the food they produce. If you read all of this sorry it was so long and hope it didn't ramble to much.

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