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I've never smoked a brisket before and was curious on proper ways to prepare, cook, and after I pull off grill. It's only a 4 lb brisket. Didn't want to bite off more then I could chew. I'm using a charbroil grill. Could bef use pointers. Thanx
You've asked one of the most frequently posted questions on the forum.  And you're probably gonna get a hundred answers.  Here's mine..... Don't let brisket scare you.  And keep it simple.  A bit of olive oil rubbed on the meat followed by a simple SPOG (Salt, coarse ground Pepper, a bit of Onion and Garlic powder.  Go to 235 to 250 on the smoker.  Be sure you know the true temp you are smoking at.  Smoke wood of your choice.  Oak is what I like, but take your pick.  Fat side down if you are directlly over the heat.  Fat side up if offset.  (Actually probably doesn't make a difference but for a little 4 lb'er I'd protect it that way from drying out.)  Throw her on the grate and LEAVE IT ALONE.  If you want to mop or spriz a couple times, OK, but do your thing and get the cover back on.  Hope you have a good meat probe to check the internal temp of the meat.  Bring it to around 200 IT.  Immediately wrap in double foil with a little juice or other liquid and wrap it in a towel and drop in the cooler.  STAY PATIENT because now you still have to wait at least an hour before you take it out.  Slice and eat.  If you stay with these basic directions you'll be doing some good eating.  If you pull it early or skip the rest period you may be eating leather.  General time at those temps is about an hour and a half per pound.  And she may stall (4 lb er is hard to say.  Just don't panic.

Anyway....there's my 2 cents.  Take it for what it's worth.

BTW  welcome to the forum.  Enjoy your stay here.
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Start probing the meat around 195 IT. you want it to probe tender, like a warm knife thru butter. Don't really rely on the internal temp, rely on the probe. It could probe tender at 195, or it could probe tender at 210. Definitely let it rest at least an hour after pulling from the smoker. Slice only what you plan on eating and enjoy :)
Thank you. It weighs just at 3.5 lbs. So ruffly 5 hrs...then Immediately foil wrap and directly into cooler for another biggest quest is should I have meat close to smoke stack on top rack or off set coal on bottom grates? Def don't want leather...OH and what liquid or juice would u recommend? And thanks for the welcome.
Not sure what smoker you are using but on my WSM i would use the top rack, On a horizontal stick burner I would put it furthest from the fire box. The only real difference is going to be your cooking temp, which would just mean it could be done sooner. I also generally foil it or wrap it in butchers paper around 160-170 internal temp. That way the juice will be the juice that renders out of the meat. Don't need to add anything.

Brisket is only leathery and tough if undercooked. If overcooked it will be dry and crumble.
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