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Original poster
May 7, 2007
Boston, MA
Ok, so the first smoke began about an hour ago and I've been playing with temperature every five minutes. I'm just going to leave things alone and deal with the temp swings as they come. Pics of the turkey every hour.
Good luck to ya. Fired the new WSM up and the brisket (first one for me) went on at 0700. Got temp swings too. Using the Minion method. Hoping things settle down.
Ok, here we are at one hour. It looks really good to me. There's a lot more color on it than I expected at this point. Temp is now hovering right around 230 consistently.
Two hours now. Just basted again with Apple juice. Internal temp in the breast is 130. When should I need to add more coals?
How Goes the brisket, Geoff?
Turkey is now at 140 in the breast. Looking very good. Pics are all the same, no need for more.
Looking good Brett!

Not to be snide but you add more coals when there close to being gone.

BTW Turkeys and chickens can be done at higher temps they really down gain anythng by cooking slow. Nothing to break down they're already tender.
very very nice color you have going on there....

as was said, poulty can be done at a little higher temp, so dont be afraid to add some more heat to it.... if you want to crisp it up, take out the water pan(if using one) b4 its done...nice crispy skin that way
Hey Guys
The turkey came out unbelievable. It was the most tender, juicy turkey I have ever eaten. Everyone there said the same thing too. Thanks for all of your help here. I was a little on edge about doing this but ot was easier than I expected and I can't wait to so something else.
I'll try to post some pics of the finished product later today.
Here's the final pic. Posting this as I eat the best turkey sandwich ever. Onto the Boston Butt?
looks very very tasty

and smoking a boston butt would be a good choice, they are very forgiving like a turkey is, temps just need to be lower is all

you did a good job on that turkey
good lookin' bird. not really sure what this minion method is & i only poke the meat once @ the end w/ a thermo to check doneness temp. i usually just go w/ the years of exp. & times i've cooked that meal- usually i just watch the smoke to tell me when to be done - i guess it's a rythym thing or talent... i want some more "kitchen math" but that may just screw up my "feel"... maybe someone can explain more of the science to me ... if this all made sense is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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