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  1. My brother in law makes his own sausage from fresh hogs. What are rules on smoking this?
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    Can you be more descriptive on exactly what you want to do ? Are you seasoning & grinding it, then stuffing into casings & then smoking ? Or you making patties out of it ? If you can be more detailed, it will help us help you a lot better ! Thumbs Up
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    I agree more info would help...

    In general, Uncured (No Nitrite) sausage, Italian. Country, Brats, Breakfast and such, get Hot Smoked. 225°F to and IT of 165°F. Cured (Cure #1 w/Sodium Nitrite) sausage, Kielbasa, Andouille, Hot Dogs, Summer Sausage, etc., get Cool Smoked at temps between 130 and 170°F to an IT of 150-155°F...JJ 
  4. The sausage is grind and seasoned  and packed in natural cassings. There is no cure added. I want to put the links into my masterbuilt electric digital smoker. Need to know at what temp to smoke at and approx. how long. 
  5. The pork is fresh on the hoof when he starts. only cooled in a walkin fridge. standard seasoning, red pepper sage and sausage seasoning. Very lean with beef fat added. Very good but wanting to make something a little special.
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    with no cure it needs yo be smoked at 225`... as long as you get from 40` (refrigerated) to 140` (internal temp) with in 4 hrs.. all will be good.. has to finish to at least 165` IT to be fully cooked ...
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    Where is he sourcing the pig?  Has it been frozen at all?  Trichinosis isn't as common as it once was, but it's still around and more prevalent in wild hogs than domestic, that is unless the domestics have been fed animal parts or byproducts.  If the meat hasn't been deeply frozen (5° or less for a couple of weeks), I'd suggest cooking it to an IT of 165 just to be sure, cure or not.  

    More info on trichinosis here:
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    At 225°F in the MES, it will take about 2 hours for the average dinner thickness sausage, hog casing. Breakfast size, sheep casing, about 1 hour. Both need to see an IT of 165°...JJ
  9. Thanks Yall

    They turned out great but a bit dry.

    I will take off sooner next time and let sit. 225 aprox 3hrs but IT was low mabe need a digital therometer.

    Best flavor!

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