free firewood in texas

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Nov 21, 2006
Waco, TX
hey everyone of my brothers in texas. i scored alot of free firewood in texas. it is in crawford, and you have to come get it yourself. i am going this sunday (3/18/07) to get me some, borrowing a trailer from a buddy at work. anyone want to meet me and get them some too needs to be at my house sunday (3/18/07) around 2:00 p.m. PM me for my number if you are interested. marvin, you have my number, and i am sure there is pecan there, definitely oak and peach. some is cut down and some isn't. they want it all gone. the lady told me i can get what i want, and i can cut down any trees i want to. the place it is at is on a river, and it is behind a community center. have to meet her to get in/out, as it is a locked gate.
Man I would hook up with you on that deal , but I got a guy
bringing me some Hickory this Sunday , and I don't know what time. I just have to wait for his call. If you get that deal again I'll definately meet up with you.
can't deliver, sorry. buddy, you can call her and meet her during the week i am sure, or maybe next weekend, i will PM you her number.
Sure it figure`s , the best score for wood is half way across the country !!!
....You lucky dog you !!! lol
Chris im thinking very seriously of loading up sunday morning and joining you. I will know tomorrow night if I can make it. Sure gonna try and be there.
marvin and his wife came to waco today, and we went and got some wood. every tree was an oak tree. we cut down 7 trees and loaded on his trailer. i already have enough oak, so i didn't get any for myself. oh well, it was nice meeting them. too bad my wife feels sick, so she stayed home.
Chris I wish you would have been here to help me unload it all this morning. Between yesterday and this morning Im finding out that Im not as young as I used to be Lol. We really enjoyed meeting you and your wife and hope she feels much better today.
marvin, i took her to the E.R. last night, as she was cramping really bad; and couldn't hardly walk, sit, or stand. they did a CTscan of her tummy area, thinking it was her gall bladder. they said they saw some thingies in there (forget what they were called, lymph nodes or something). gave her a prescription for darvocet. they gave her a pain killer in her i.v. while she was waiting for the results to come back. we got home at 3:30 a.m. (this morning) from there. she has been sleeping most of the day. it was nice meeting y'all, too. now i can put a face with y'alls names.
the doctor called them "viral <sp?> lymph nodes".
thanks, theresa, i hope she is better soon, too. i don't know why he didn't prescribe antibiotics for her, too. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.