Fotis, Cyprus. BBQ Enthusiast since forever!

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May 10, 2024
Hello everyone!
I accidentally found this Forum in search for inspiration for building a custom offset smoker from a commercial oven.
I am from an island in the Mediterranian called Cyprus and I'm a BBQ enthusiast since I can remember myself, even though I didn't study culinary school/arts. Currently at 26 years old I am working full time at the airport but also have an ambition to start my own BBQ catering business. I have been smoking meat for 5 years now and I'm always in search for new ideas and inspiration. It looks like it's gonna be a nice group of BBQ enthusiasts from all over the world and can't wait to share knowledge/experience with everyone here!
Welcome! You landed in the right spot. Never been to Cyprus but I've made a few stops in the area.... Haifa and Antalya being the closest.
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Welcome to the forums...

Can't wait to see some of your Mediterranean recipes...

BTW... What are you cooking on now ??
Thanks for having me! Generally I love smoking Beef, Lamb/Goat, Pork and Chicken.
In Cyprus we eat mostly Pork, Lamb/Goat then Chicken and lastly Beef(even though that's not my case ^.^). Some of our classic recipes are Souvla (pork, lamb, chicken) and Kleftiko (lamb/goat and rarely beef). Can't wait to share more with you guys!
I’ve seen pictures of your beautiful island. Magnificent country to live in as far a beautiful.

What about seafood? Fish, crustacean? Love those too.
Oh and love lamb and goat as well.
It's a small paradise which some times it gets hard to get things in your hands. Overall it's nice and quiet :)

Well my family is meat eaters, but in general here you will find fish, large ones on the grill or oven and smaller ones fried. Crustacean mostly imported..

We used to have loads of fish back in the day but now not that much. A reason why I stopped fishing :( is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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