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  1. having problems with getting flavor profiles in my smoked food, i really do not thing i really understand the whole deal. yes i know it comes from the rub, but how do you know what flavor or flavors, that you need?[​IMG]

  2. lets take chicken for instant, i do not think you need a sweet rub, or a heat that over powers it. do not think i REALLY understand.


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    On chicken we like a touch of heat but not over powering. Cajun rub that I make most of the time. It's just what ever u like
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    Hi Danny,

    This is a subjective topic because everyone has their own tastes and ideas on the perfect flavor profile.  For smoked chicken, here's how I like to season mine:  a dry mixture of Lowery's seasoned salt, lemon pepper, and sage - combined with a wet mixture of melted butter and crushed garlic.  I apply liberally both under and on top of the skin before smoking, then will occasionally baste the bird with only the garlic butter mixture a couple times during the smoke (leave out the dry mixture for basting, or you're likely to end up with a bird that's too salty).

    A couple other ways to add flavor to poultry:  brining and injecting.  I don't do either of these very often, but you can find plenty of posts on either technique by typing "poultry brine" or "poultry injection" in the search window at the top of the page.

    IMO, flavor profiles take time, as well as trial and error, to perfect.  Heck, I've been smoking for years, and I still change up my favor profiles from time to time.  As you gain experience and try different recipes and techniques, you'll land on some flavor profiles that you like.

  5. Ask yourself which types of foods you enjoy. Most use a traditional mix of spices that are easy to replicate or obtain by visiting the spice section of your local grocer. I've found there's no one perfect blend of spices everyone enjoys, as each person's palate is different. I always try the spice alone, before I attempt to cook with it. This gives your palate a chance to taste the subtle and sometimes dramatic differences.  

    That is one of the things I enjoy most with preparing food/smoked meat, is to experiment and find what combinations of spices I enjoy. 

    Not to be more confusing:

    Here's another thing to think about, does the spice blend work with the sauce you're using, if you use sauce? [​IMG]
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    It just takes practice to find the right combination of spices that works for you & your family.

    It doesn't happen overnight.

    Patience grasshopper.

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    Hey Danny,

    I`m constantly changing my rubs.  Like you, my problem is I don`t really know what spice goes well with what spice, and which ones are definitely NEVER to be mixed together (unforturnatly I have no formal training).  So I generally change only 1 thing at a time and try it out.  That way, if its great or terrible, there`s no doubt in my mind what change caused it.  

    It just takes time (like Al said--``Patience Grasshopper``).

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    I think the most important thing is the quality of the meat and the quality of the heat (fire and smoke). I would start simply with salt and pepper, maybe some garlic and onion powder, and a little paprika if it's chicken or pork. Check out Aaron Franklin's youtube clips. He just throws together a little rub in shaker bottle. I like the simplicity of his method. Another idea is to just stick to commercial rubs and sauces, finding ones you like and going with that. It takes one of the variables out, while you focus on the meat and heat.

    Everybody has a different palate, but for pork, I like sweet heat. For beef, I prefer savory with little or no sweetness. I think of chicken as blank canvas to try out whatever flavors I like.

    The last thing I would say that the important spice for me is salt. If I turn out something I am not crazy about, it's usually because I didn't get the salt right. I find this especially true with ribs.

    Good luck and don't stress! That's certainly not the point of making good bbq. [​IMG]
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  10. just been smoking the same old chicken store bought rubs, really tired of the same old thang, really wanted to take my smoked chicken to the next level, but i really do not know how. i have tried putting stuff under skin, injecting, just about all commerical rubs, and some of my own. just looking for something new....

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    Google search Butcher BBQ they have a whole line of really good rubs with a sampler pack to find out which you like for cheap and some injections and bird boosters and all kinds of stuff to take it up a notch as it were. I have been using the products for the last 3 months and i have been loving what im eating!

    Hope this helps,

    phatbac (Aaron)
  12. If you have not already tried this you can marinate some chicken in Italian dressing. When I do this I usually try to marinade it overnight to get a lot of flavor. Also I usually squeeze in a bit of lemon juice as well. Then I smoke it with something light like apple and it comes out pretty good. It may not be for everybody but I got some good compliments on it when I made it.

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