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Discussion in 'Pork' started by udaviator, Oct 10, 2013.

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    So I smoked for the first time last night.  Turned out I thought decent.  Smoked wings....but I now have some questions!  I have a Bradley Electric.  I had the knob on "High" but could only get the temp up to 225, any suggestions on how to get it higher?  Like 250-265ish?

    Also, I noticed everyone is talking about "foiling".  What is that?  Is it cooking it in the foil?  Or pulling it out and letting it sit in foil. Pertaining to ribs....that is my next smoke.  I understand the 3-2-1 and 2-2-1 methods....just not the foiling part.  Thanks everyone!!
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    If you are going by the factory thermometer there is a possibility that it might not be accurate. When checking temps it is important to know what you are checking them with is accurate. What ever therm you are using you should check it's accuracy by checking it in boiling water, it should be right around 212* depending on your altitude.

    Foiling can mean both of what you mentioned, cooking in foil and wrapping in foil after the cook to rest.
    With the 3-2-1 method with ribs, you wrap the ribs in foil with some added liquid during the 2 stage and continue cooking then unwrap for the 1 stage and continue cooking. So it's no foil for 3 hours, foil for 2 hours and no foil for 1 hour, cooking the entire time.
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    I was just looking at the factory one....but I also have a digital.  Wasn't using that last night....but will verify it today.  Whats the best way to check your internal temp?  Just to verify that it is what you want it to be?

    And for the liquid...its just a few oz's per packet right?  Nothing over the top im assuming!  Thanks!
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    The best way to check IT is just to stick the meat with a meat thermometer. There are many different types of therms but as long as you know the one you are using is accurate it will work. I use a digital remote therm that has 2 probes, one for the smoker temp and one I can leave in the meat to monitor IT. I also use an digital instant read therm, I can't leave it in but it is very helpful to check temps in multiple places around the meat.

    Yea about 1/4 cup is enough and you can use about anything you want. Popular choices are apple juice and beer or a little bourbon added too. Some people who like sweet ribs also will add some brown sugar and squeezable butter. Just about anything that sounds good to you will probably work!

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