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Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by mkriet, Dec 28, 2015.

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    I recently started making sausage and ran out of room in my small vertical smoker.  I did some research on here and saw a few designs I liked and decided to give it a shot.  I found a few designs from others on here that I liked, and decided to try out my own.  Below is one that I modeled mine from. - By TampaSmoker

    Below are a few pictures to show my progress.  I used tongue and groove wood siding from Menards, and put a stain/waterproofer on the outside to help with longevity. 

    I'm looking to add a brick firebox outside of the smoker so I can control the heat better, but will have to wait for warmer and dryer weather before putting that together.  I am also thinking about lining the bottom of the smokehouse with with sheet metal to protect the wood where the heat will be coming into the smoke chamber.  

    Any suggestions that from others that have built one before would be much appreciated. 

  2. mkriet

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    Got some more done on the smokehouse today. Just need to do the concrete and mason work now

  3. Your smokehouse looks great! Will you have any direct heat source inside the smokehouse? If not, then I don't believe you need to use any kind of metal liner, the smoke should be cooled enough by the time it reaches the wood. Keep us updated!
  4. mkriet

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    No I will be making a separate firebox next to the cooking chamber
  5. How wide and deep is it and how are you going to make your racks? I have my smokehouse done and still figuring on how I will make jerky racks.
  6. mkriet

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    Mine is 3'x3'. I have a buddy that is going to make me a rack. I'm planning to just have a piece of angle iron on the side that will let me set it on the boards on the sides.

    You could always get regular grill racks and put the on top of dowel rods. I think AmazN products has some grill mats you could use on a grill rack.

    I plan to have my rack made with expanded steel. Don't really plan on making a lot of jerky, but not saying I won't ever.
  7. I was looking at the expanded steel also and was not sure if it would be stiff enough without 1/2" angle all the way around it. My space is 21" x 24"

    I kill geese and they are very gamey even for seasoned hunter like me. So the breasts are all marinated in Worcestershire and Soy with a variety of spices after being sliced across the grain. Deer is used for bologna and snack sticks cut with mildly fatty ground beef.
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    If I were to do snack sticks I plan on hanging on dowels like I would make regular sausage.
  9. Same here, but sliced jerky needs finer trays.

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