First time making snack sticks and some new toys.

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Oct 11, 2007
Ashland, WI
First time I've made snack sticks or used my Smokin-It #5 WIFI Gen2 other than for seasoning it and using it as a warming oven for briskets and butts. I bought it mainly for smoking sausage. I bought the Bella cold smoke generator and the James jerky dryer with it and used then both on this batch.
Programmed all 6 stages and it executed then perfectly always within 3 degrees or less.

25 lbs 50/50 pork and beef (70/30 fat)
1.6875 lb package of Willie's Snack Stick Seasoning
4 oz Encapsulated Citric Acid
1 oz Pink Sure Cure
6 oz Sure Gel Meat Binder
3 packs 19 mm Smoke Collagen Casings
2.5 lb High Temp Cheddar Cheese
1/4 cup Whole Mustard Seeds
2 quarts ice water

Smoke Schedule:
100F for 1 hour
120F for 1 hour
130F for 1 hour
140F for 2 hours
150F for 2 hours
175 until the internal temp reaches 152F

Smoke was being applied lightly (50%) through the entire cooking process with the cold smoke generator. And the jerky dryer also ran the whole time pulling moisture out. Ice bathed and refrigerated overnight.

Was very happy with the results!
I learned a lot and think I can cut my time in half on the next batch, I will clean up equipment as I go and not let it dry on like a dummy.
Those are some great looking sticks!! As Steve noted, that's one heck of a setup you have there. you weren't kidding about the toys :emoji_wink: Very well done and congrats on the carousel ride. Much deserved.

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Dang fine looking sticks and a great job! Toys are always cool as well! And congrats on making the carousel

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Nice equipment and great looking sticks. I ended up with so much blowby using the remote 30 stuffer for sticks so use the small 5# unit now.
Congrats on carousel ride !
Nice equipment and great looking sticks. I ended up with so much blowby using the remote 30 stuffer for sticks so use the small 5# unit now.
Congrats on carousel ride !
I have the 30# LEM stuffer. I stuff sticks with it, but you have to stuff them slowly. If you try to do it fast, you will get meat paste blowing past the seal. Even so-I can stuff 30# of snack sticks in less than 30 minutes with it...
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Thanks for all the good feedback and to whoever put me on the carousel.
Next time I will use my skinny and light weight FireBoard Competition probes. The big long bent heavy ones that came with the Auber controller would split the casings as soon as I stuck them in. I left one in a split casing and didn't even attempt the other. I probably could have just waited for a few hours and the big ones might work.

I am also torn on how I like them done most of the back row where I put the short ones got a little darker and firmer with the slightest wrinkle all the rest were perfect looks and texture wise I almost like the darker ones more, but everyone that has tried the good ones liked the.

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