first time brisket....and we are OFFFFFF!! (to a rocky start) qview added

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May 17, 2010
Lawson Mo
Original game plan was to get off work at 7am be home by 8 am fire up the smoker, season the brisket ( ok the original game plan called for that seasoning thing on fri but..sleep got in the way ) put on smoker and monitor for a few hours before catching some zzzzz's.  It is now 11am and brisket is still not on smoker ( nor is smoker ready ) but it has been rubbed.

It seems that when I bought said brisket it was looking like spring,  then...mother nature recieved her monthly gift of pms. It is 35 degrees out ( no biggie ) and its gonna snow ( ok its gettin worse now ) and the wind is blowing like mad. I live in a valley so when they say ENE winds I goet NWSESWNENSEW winds.

A lil bit of sleep deprivation and a few beers brought on the brilliant idea ( BRILLIANT!!) to take smoker to the cellar ( outside not connected to house ) and fire it up in there. Said cellar has a hole in the roof from where a stove pipe use to reside so I figured this should work well. DO NOT do this unless you are a professional smoke eater..I am not.

Ok digi therm acting up..actually its acting dead..wait..ok I got it to come one ( hope that new 732 shows up in the mail today ).  So now I'm waiting for smoker to level out so I can put brisket on. 

For the rub I kept it simple as suggested by a few who replied to my first post about this being my first brisket.  CBP, Salt Paprika, Cayenne, Garlic and Onion powder, Salt more CBP.  some mystery stuff I made that contains most of the above.

I also am using a drip pan for the first time in history! Fat side up!!

So hopefully this will be on by noon!! And done by 3am LOL  good thing its my 3day weekend........Now where is the beer truck I ordered??
Sounds like things are a bit heckit. Why is it that nothing can go as planed. Oh well you will get through it and I'm sure the brisket will be great. Make sure to take  lots  of pictures. 
it just went on!!! and I took a few cell phone shots of it rubbed.  I checked email and the usps claims that my new 732 will be here today. but then again they are gov't workers so you have to take that with a grain of salt..and an ounce of spirits I suppose.

anyhow I think moving to the cellar, despite surpassing my rda of raw smoke, is gonna be a win.
Alright now!

You got everything cleared up, got your ET-732----Did you boil test it quick first?

We'll be waiting?


Bear, I did get it today! I ordered it yesterday, simply amazing!  I Boil test turned out a solid 211 reading from both probes. I left the old therm on the grate when I put the 732 in and they read 6 degrees apart from each other, but that could be due to different locations on the grate.

This Maverick is nice! I can actually use it in the house, and the fact that the transmitter is in the cellar??? awesome!
This thing better be worth all the headaches...seems almost like it was not meant to be. I fought the UDS all night, at one point it went to 270 after I reloaded the charcoal basket, I had to shut it down and it took a long time to come back down to 220..then it went to 199..finally got it back to 210. During all of this the meat temp stayed pretty steady. Later in the night the meat was about 180 and the smoker once again took a nose dive but not much below 205 and the meat dropped to 176 ???  It never came back up to 180 and at 4:30 am I was still trying to get the smoker above 205 ( this smoker usually wants to run hot ) so I took it off the smoker put it in the oven and when I got up at 9am internal was 199. I wrapped it up and it is now resting..FINALLY


Looks awesome on the outside!!!

Gotta wash down all that popcorn I ate since my earlier post!   

Thanks Bear!  For a first timer I'm pretty happy with it. Some of it was a bit dry but not bad by any means. I reseasoned the point with salt pepper and some cajun spice, with a splash of a really thin vinegar based sauce. I'll put it back in the smoker this afternoon or in the morning for burnt ends. I have a plan for the burnt ends already and I hope it turns out well enough to share with you all!

more pulled brisket  I think this will go well with both my homemade sauces, blackjack bbq sauce ( google it ) and a red vinegary sauce called peidmont ( google that one too )


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Thanks to all that gave me advice in my first post. And for all the post you've made on this site. I had to visit the wiki to figure out how to split the point from the flat, but it went well. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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