First smoker build

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Mar 10, 2014
Hershey, Nebraska
    Pictures of my first smoker build.


2 x 2 x 1/8" square with mitered corners.  Here adding supports for fire box area.

Inner skins welded inside all 3/16" plate.

Back wall in place along with floor ( which also serves as a water tray).

Here, you can see the false wall welded in rear of smoker.

This allows smoke to enter cooking chamber from fire box.

This shows the 1 x 6 exhaust vent.  (one on each side)

Ceiling fully welded.

Exhaust venting finished.  Both sides joined together on top.

5" square tube to finish off the stack later on.

Grate slides build and welded in.  Slides started out as 1 1/2" square

tubing w/one side sliced off to make a channel for grate to slide into.

Installing 2' fiber insulation to entire smoker.  Double in ceiling.

Outside skin installed.  1/8" processed sheet steel.

Roof skin cut, shaped, and welded into place.

Smoke stack w/cap welded into place.

6" barrel hinges welded to doors..

Doors installed with 3/4" rope insulation installed.

Finished smoker with all grates in cooking chamber and cleanout

pan and charcoal grate in heating chamber. 

Trailer finished and painted.

Smoker finished.  Primed and painted.

Smoker mounted on trailer.  You can see the 1 1/2" ball valves

used for draining water pan and air intake(one on each side of smoker)

Original pictures showed casters under smoker.  But, smoker did not move

as easy as I thought it would,  So, the trailer build was the only way to go.

Torsion axles and 2" tongue means smoker can now go anywhere.

LED lights and stained side boards are soon to follow.

     This was about a 3 month build on my off time.  I loved the build and

am already planning to start another build in the near future.

Just showing temp climbing in smoker.  Surprisingly the digital thermometer

does not vary much from smoker thermometer.

First brisket sliced and ready to eat.  Very tasty.

Good bark and great eating.  Hope you all enjoy. 

                                                         Thanks, Smiley
Thanks. I plan on smoking some ribs this weekend. First time for ribs. So, any suggestions would be great.
Smiley, that build looks great! Vertical smokers have really been catching my attention lately and this is a great example. Maybe a build in my future? :p 
Thanks. I have been very happy with my build. Holds temp. very well, and is easy to regulate temp. I went with a vertical build as it has a smaller footprint. In the end, though, it really wouldn't have mattered. I built a trailer to put it on. I enjoyed building the smoker almost as much as cooking on it.
If you decide to build there are a lot of great builds to find here on the forum. Good luck. Smiley is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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