First Smoke With Qview - Peoria Custom Cookers Backyard.....Loadin it up!!!!

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Aug 22, 2012
Central Illinois
Well, I'm finally getting an opportunity to test drive my new rig.  I have prepped a brisket, 2 pork butts, 3 racks of baby backs and 8 thighs for tomorrow's smoke.  Here's a peek.....

The plan is to get things rolling at about 4 a.m.  I will post pics, notes, and observations as things move along.  

See y'all in the morning!
That's an awesome pic of the kitchen table loaded with meaty goodness! Best of luck!  
Nice lookin rig and a tub fulla meat! 4 AM, kick the tires and light the fires, by then the coffee will be ready. Nice peaceful sunrise. Definitely the way to enjoy a maiden voyage.

Enjoy the smoke!

Exactly what Foam said, but maybe a little Baileys in the coffee ?!?! Good luck and post pics !

Exactly what Foam said, but maybe a little Baileys in the coffee ?!?! Good luck and post pics !

I will definitely be watching this one...congrats on the new smoker and keep the pictures coming. I second the Baileys!
Guys all I can say is.........................................

And a touch of this too!

Any day you smoke is a beautiful day!
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Thanks Foam, :77: Ya always know what to bring to the party .... HaHa !! Thanks for those recipes buddy.... Damn, all the threads on this forum a good drink recipe could inadvertently get overlooked, :th_crybaby2: !! Damn cryin shame !! Take care bro....

Good Morning!

Make coffee.  Check.

Make sure no one stole the beverages overnight.  Check.

Bailey's for coffee.  Crap.  Oh well.  I'll get by.

Unwrap the meat and hit with one last shot of magic dust. 

Get the pit up to temp.  Check.

Get the meat on!  Check.

Ribs and chicken later....

Gonna be a great Saturday!
It's too hard to be on this site when I cannot get to my smoker. I will be BBQing vicariously through you, so let's stick with what's on your table than the Irish cream. Just doing a big smoke (I usually smoke for my wife and I or a friend or two) to crown the new smoker or expecting some big appetites? Also, what wood and what is magic dust?

Good luck! Enjoy your day!
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Mr. Lederman,

I promise there will be no alcohol consumption, resulting in mediocre Q.....until at least noon :)  

Things are cruising right along.  The pit is keeping a good steady temp of about 250 with minimal maintenance.  I'm just adding a small split every 45 minutes or so.  The temps here in Illinois are still a little chilly this morning.  It was 33 when I started out.  We are expecting a high of about 50.  

Regarding the pit full of meat, this is more of a big smoke in celebration of the new pit.  I will have several friends stopping by throughout the day, and I'm sure some will stick around for the NCAA games tonight.  I've also had a couple of orders from family members for some pulled pork.  I am using a combination of apple and cherry woods.  The "magic dust" I am referring to are the homemade rub recipes that have been developed after years of research and trial and error 

I'll keep ya posted as things move along.  Thanks for stopping by!
Looking great!! Wish I didnt have to work today or I would have fired mine up as well. Nice looking smoker and what time should we come by? jk Smoke on brother, looking forward to more Qview!
Hope things are going great! Either way, I am sure you're having a blast playing with your new smoker.

I am curious about your rub (or any info you want to share in developing one), as I want to star collecting spices to develop my own. Also, do anything special with the chicken? I have been waiting to smoke chicken. I have chickened out when it comes to smoking that meat, chicken generally give me concerns. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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