First Smoke With Jeff's Rub And Sauce Recipies

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rubbin butts

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Feb 1, 2011
Lake City, Florida
   I got Jeff's Recipies yesterday and just had to try em.

   I smoked 2 butts, several chicken breasts, 4 cheese mac & cheese, and BBQ beans.

I must say I was impressed. Used mustard to make the rub stick and put the rub on heavy. I misted every hour with a 3 to 1 mix of apple juice and bourbon and did it ever build some tasty bark. Let the juice from the butts drip on the chicken and beans, what a difference. Then I had to try SoFlQuer's finishing sauce when I pulled the pork. WOW!!!! These guys on SMF really do know what their talking about when it comes to preparing some great eats.

Check out the Qview.

OH OH Someone snitched some Mac & Cheese!!!


WOW, Look At The Bark!!!


Gosh, I'm Gettin Hungry.


I'm fixin ta EAT

This is on another thread, and below is what I said there too:

Everything looks AWESOME !!!!!!

Beautiful Bark!!

Did you find out who ripped off the Mac & Cheese?   

Are there any suspects? ---Any leads?

Better hurry for the taste test. It's going fast.

The investigation isn't getting anywhere on the Mac & Cheese thief, but then again, I'm the one investigating.
Nice job! 

Jeff's rub and sauce are my favorites.

However; I gotta say DANG IT JEFF! Everytime I turn around I'm outta sauce.

Can you fix that?

Double batchs only work for a short time     
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Ron, now that's a good looking spread, it all looks good!  That is some of the best looking PP I have seen in a while. By the way what happened to the chicken?  Same thing that happened to the Mac and Cheese? I hope you enjoyed it half as much as I did looking at it, if so, it was one great meal! Keep up the good work!

Your SMF Friend,

Hey Bearcarver, Let me just say THANK YOU for your service!!!
Thanks Ron, but no need.

I get more than enough in return, when I get to view all the great Qview!

Clogging my head with pictures of great food takes up memory space on my old PA Dutch Hard drive!  That's a good thing.

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